Linda Bierds
Linda Bierds will be reading from her highly acclaimed poetry. Clackamas Community College (McLoughlin Theatre), 19600 S Molalla Ave, 657-6958, x2356, 1 pm, free

New user orientation
The IPRC is an amazing resource, and if you've never used it, you should. This is a perfect opportunity to learn about how to do independent publishing, for free. Independent Publishing Resource Center, 917 SW Oak Street, #218, 827-0249, 7 pm, Free

John Muir
John Muir traveled alone around South America and Africa to study plants. These are his journals. Powell's Books on Hawthorne, 3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 238-1668, 7:30 pm, free

Linda Bierds
PSU, Smith Memorial Center, 1620 SW Park, 7:30 pm, $5


Panel Discussion: Dispatches from a Wounded World
Learn what the infamously "war torn Balkans" can teach the US about suffering and recovery, with F.S. Brewer. Meet Tom Willard, of the US military's special operations unit of South Asia during the 1980's. These speakers and others reflect on 9/11. Borders Books and Music, 708 SW 3rd Ave, 220-5911, 7 pm

Jacob Avshalomov
Avshalomov's wrote a music drama, The Great Wall, and then his son, Jacob, followed in his musically brilliant footsteps. This is Jacob's story. Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St, 228-4651, 7:30 pm, free


Poetry open mic with Judith Barrington
Judith Barrington has written Lifesaving, Writing the Memoir, and a bunch of other good books. Also present will be members of the Oregon State Poetry Association. Barnes & Nobel, 1317 Lloyd Center, 249-0845, 2 pm

Travelogue: Presentations on Travel & Where it Takes Us
Red 76 Arts Group tells what they did on their summer vacation, and a few other trips too. Carson Ellis, Collin Meloy, Zefrey Throwell. Disjecta, 116 NE Russell, 493-7353, 8 PM, $5

Norton Juster
Norton Juster wrote that rad children's book, The Phantom Tollbooth. Powell's-Beaverton, 8725 SW Cascade Ave, 643-3131, 1 pm


Wedding Fair
Powell's is hosting an evening dedicated to explaining wedding planning. There will be door prizes, food, wine, and lots of happy couples, I'm sure. Powell's Books for Cooks & Gardeners, 3747 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 235-3802, 7 pm, $10


Close the Book on Hate
The monthly series on tolerance will be focusing on Anne Frank and anti-Semitism. Barnes & Nobel, 1317 Lloyd Center, 249-0845, 6 pm

Literature In Performance: Richard Brautigan
Hear Brautigan's very cool, occasionally cryptic, and always distinctive poems, stories, and a few excerpts read by Portland actor/director Doug Miller. Borders Books and Music, 708 SW 3rd Ave, 220-5911, 7 pm


Poetry Talk: How to Publish Your Poetry
With Dan Raphael & Paul Ash. Borders Books and Music, 708 SW 3rd Ave, 220-5911, 7 pm

An evening of poetry and art with Paul Merchant, Dale Rawls, and Judith Barrington
This is an evening of all-star poetry, at the best bookstore in town, Looking Glass. Paul Merchant is the author of a book of poetry, called Bone from a Stag's Heart, and has edited a lot of great volumes of poetry. Dave Rawls is a local teacher and poet, and Judith Barrington won the 2000 Lambda Literary Award. The three will be discussing collaborations between writers and visual artists. Looking Glass Bookstore, 318 SW Taylor, 227-4760, 7 pm, free

Ben Marcus
The Age of Wire and String , was the first book of Ben Marcus, and his second book, Notable American Women, is a sophisticated commentary on women and sex. This is a fictional story about some parents raising a kid on a farm in Ohio. Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St, 228-4651


Because it's time!
The monthly lesbian, gay, bi, trans discussion on art and culture. This month will focus on bisexuality, and the book Bi Any Other Name. Barnes & Nobel, 1317 Lloyd Center, 249-0845

Dennis Lehane
Mystic River Borders Books and Music, 708 SW 3rd Ave, 220-5911, 7 pm

Photoshop Collage Workshop
A great workshop on how to use Macs to combine several images, and to understand the basics of cutting, pasting, merging, etc. Independent Publishing Resource Center, 917 SW Oak Street, #218, 827-0249, 7-9 pm, $7-15