* Stephen Elliot
The novelist/commentator Elliott makes two appearances today to share his new book Looking Forward to It, a phenomenally entertaining diary of the year he spent following Democratic presidential candidates on the campaign trail. The first is this afternoon soiree at Reed; the second is later this evening, 7:30 pm, at Powell's on Hawthorne. See Destination Fun, pg 9. Vollum Lounge, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock, 777-7755, 4:30 pm

* Neal Pollack
See Destination Fun, pg 9. Powell's Books on Hawthorne, 3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 238-1668, 7:30 pm

SUNDAY 10/17

* Dave Eggers
See Destination Fun, pg 9. Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd., 493-1128, 7 pm, $15

MONDAY 10/18

* Literary Happy Hour
The marriage of cheap booze and literature you've been waiting for. FIVE new fiction writers sound off at the bar this evening, including Joshua Braff (brother of Zach, the filmmaker/actor) and Pultizer Prize-winner (for nonfiction) Lorraine Adams. Fifteen (XV), 15 SW 2nd, 6:30 pm

The Know-It-All
Esquire senior editor A.J. Jacobs presents one of the most gimmicky books in years, a memoir of his adventures in reading the entire Encylopaedia Britannica. The book is structured like an extremely condensed encyclopedia, with alphabetized categories that correspond with Jacobs' experiences. Powell's Books on Hawthorne, 3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 238-1668, 7:30 pm


* Ted Rall
The cartoonist and commentator Rall presents his new book Wake Up, You're Liberal!, a call to middling Democrats to practice what they preach. Local cartoonists Scott Bateman and Kevin Moore will also be on hand, plus a screening of the film American's Party by Adam Klugman and Jefferson Smith of the Oregon Bus Project. Nocturnal, 1800 E Burnside, 239-5900, 8 pm

* Ursula Bacon
Portland resident Bacon presents Shanghai Diary, an account of her amazing upbringing in a Shanghai Ghetto, the only port open to German-Jewish refugees in 1939. Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St., 228-4651, 7:30 pm

* Stephen R. Donaldson
One of the most popular fantasy writers in the world presents a new book in his Thomas Covenant series, Runes of the Earth. Powell's-Beaverton, 8725 SW Cascade Ave, 643-3131, 7 pm

Gwyneth Jones, Eileen Gunn, L. Timmel Duchamp
Three sci-fi/fantasy writers throw down from new works at the little-heard-of Wrigely-Cross bookstore. Gunn's futuristic short stories are critically acclaimed and she's been nominated for a Hugo award. Wrigley-Cross Books, 1809 NE 39th Ave, 281-9449, 7 pm


Deepak Chopra
Everybody's favorite spiritual thinkers presents his new book The Book of Secrets. First Unitarian Church, 1101 SW 12th Ave, 12:30 pm, $4 donation

* Augusten Burroughs
See review this issue. Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside St., 228-4651, 7:30 pm

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