Thursday 1/25

Self-Made Man

Author Norah Vincent pulled a reverse Crying Game and went undercover as a man for a full year, just to see what would happen. (Nutshell: Men quit treating her like shit, but still refused to cry out their emotions to her, to nobody's surprise but the author.) Self-Made Man was totally readable, but will probably work even better as a lively Q&A once the reading's over. Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside, 228-4651. Free. Thurs Jan 25, 7:30 pm

Saturday 1/27

Fifty Awesome Ways Kids Can Help Animals

PETA's co-founder is here, not just to teach kids 50 ways to help animals, but to teach them 50 AWESOME ways to help. Number 37: My 13-year-old dog is not a horse. Don't try to ride her, you little shit. Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing, 3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., 228-4651. Free. Sat Jan 27, 2 pm

Sunday 1/28

Cryptozoa Book Release Party

It's three-fer Sunday at Reading Frenzy, with a trio of zinesters dropping by to celebrate the release of Cryptozoa, a collection of "odd little picture fictions" by Androo Robinson. Robinson will be in the house, along with Cathy Camper (Sugar Needle) and Jesse Reklaw, whose latest work was reproduced in the Harvey Pekar-edited 2006 Best American Comics. Reading Frenzy, 921 SW Oak, 274-1449. Free. Sun Jan 28, 6:30 pm

Lincoln's Melancholy

We all know this to be true, but Abraham Lincoln was a great (and fascinating) president. Most of us also know that he was prone to deep depression, and this book is about exactly that, and how that affected his presidency. Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside, 228-4651. free. Sun Jan 28, 7:30 pm

Linda Russo & Joel Bettridge

Spare Room Reading Series does their part to keep verse alive with readings from Linda Russo, whose poetry collection, MIRTH is being published this year, and PSU prof Joel Bettridge, who also has a book coming out soon entitled That Abrupt Here. New American Art Union, 922 SE Ankeny. $5. Sun, Jan 28, 7:30 pm

Tuesday 1/30

American Facists

See My, What a Busy Week!, pg. 19. Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside, 228-4651. Free. Tues Jan 30, 7:30 pm

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Wednesday 1/31

True Stories II

Last September, Portlanders were treated to one of the more hilarious readings in recent memory: True Stories, wherein local authors dished some of their most embarrassing and frank tales. It's time for round two, with writers like Marc Acito, Stacy Bolt, Chelsea Cain, Courtenay Hameister, and Scott Poole airing their dirty laundry, and Jim Brunberg and Willy Vlautin singing their true stories to live music. Last year's event sold out, so it's a good bet you need to jump on this one early. Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, 288-3895. $8-10. Wed Jan 31, 7 pm

SLAY Film Fest
In person at the Clinton St. Theater 10/29 & 10/30