The Portland Sentinel picks up the news that the builder of several row houses around town is planning to build a nine house subdivision at the vacant lot on NE 26th and Alberta. Via the Concordia Neighborhood Association:

Guy Bryant of GPB Construction and Development has informed us that he will be building nine row houses, some facing Alberta, the others, NE 26th, all with garages in back or off the alley.

The area is zoned for either commercial or residential construction, and this subdivision will be solely residential with no storefronts on the streets.

I asked Bryant for some drawings of the planned development, but he said it was too early to put any designs out publicly. He doesn't plan to break ground this year on the project, but will present some designs to the neighborhood association at their next meeting (September 3rd, 7PM, at the Kennedy School) if you want to get a peak at what's coming. Bryant's other work around town looks like pretty straight-forward, contemporary homes. High-quality construction, but bland designs in my opinion:

Bryant's Hawthorne Row
  • via Google Earth
  • Bryant's Hawthorne Row

Piedmont Row in NW
  • GPB Construction
  • Piedmont Row in NW

Despite the economy, several new housing-construction projects are moving forward in underutilized lots along the formerly-blighted street now lauded for its plentiful felt-hat stores. Just ten blocks west, "Alberta Central" is taking over an abandoned church.

Alberta's artists are going to have less vacant space to play with in coming years. But for now, the future home of the Alberta Row is home to a Last Thursday art installation: