Let the bells ring and the confetti fallβ€”the Mercury's Burger Week (presented by New Seasons) is NOW UNDERWAY through Sunday, August 21!

By far the Mercury's most popular food week entry, for going on 10 years Burger Week has been thrilling the mouths of Portlanders by showcasing some of the city's best burger makersβ€”each of whom have put their own delicious, creative spin on God's favorite sandwich. And what's this? They're only $8! And you have an entire week to try all 48 of 'em! CAN LIFE GET ANY BETTER?!?

(Oh, and thanks and a tip o' the hat to this year's fine Burger Week sponsors: New Seasons Market, Jim Beam, Laurelwood Brewing, Electric Lettuce, DinnerStar, and EverOut. Woot-woot!)

You can check out full descriptions of all the rules and tips for Burger Week here, but in short: Tip your hard-working kitchen staffs and servers; Pick up some sides and drinks while you're there; If your chosen Burger Week joint is busy (probably will be), be patient or try another participating burger joint nearby; Check out our handy-dandy Burger Week map to plot your course! Oh and most importantly, WE ADORE YOU and wanna say thanks for supporting us (drop us a tip for our hard work here) and the restaurants who need your help right now. (You're cool!)

Now... whaddaya say we take a peek at a few of Burger Week's delectable burgers, just to whet that whistle? (WARNING: Better go grab a drool towel.)

The Chile Piment-O Yeah Burger from New Seasons!

A grass-fed beef patty from Carman Ranch, tangy pimento cheese, roasted green chiles, pickle chips, and shredded lettuce on a Pearl Bakery bun. (Plus it's available gluten-free and vegetarian!)

Gimme Gimme Kimchi from Laurelwood Public House & Brewery!

1/4 lb beef patty, gochujang mayo, house-made kimchi, iceberg lettuce, and green onionβ€”a balance of explosive flavors. Available gluten-free!


Big Nick from Nick's Famous Coney Island!

Double decker, double patty burger. Served with two Painted Hills Beef patties, shredded jalapeΓ±o slaw, and bang bang sauce, all in a locally made triple-stack bun. Go spicy, and stack it high!

Frita Stevens from Burger Stevens!

Chorizo-spiced beef, American cheese, chipotle special sauce, potato sticksβ€”based on Cuba's Frita Cubana.

Dick's on Fire from Dick's Primal Burger

All-natural PNW beef, Tillamook Pepper Jack cheese, Ghost Scream ghost pepper jam, house pickled serrano peppers, roasted garlic aioli, and topped with gluten-free crispy onions.

Oh, and there are SO MANY MORE where those came from (plus lots of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options)... and they're all waiting to dive inside your tummy! So what are you waiting for? The Mercury's BURGER WEEK is now underway! GO GET THEM BURGERS!