Eat Your Green!

There Are a Few Things You Should Know Before You Chow Down on Oregon's Newly Legal Weed Edibles


"Delta-9 THC becomes 11-hydroxy THC, which passes the blood-brain barrier more rapidly"

Whatevah, I'll stick with good old C2H6O is it's all the same to you.

i see some errors here, one that ingesting edibles on an empty stomach is not necessarily better. if you eat edibles on an empty stomach, you will feel the high come on much more quickly, but it will also not last as long, because your stomach will process the edibles much more quickly and your body will flush them out quicker than if you eat edibles on a full stomach.

if you eat edibles on a full stomach, the high takes longer to come on, and climbs gradually. but you will also stay higher for much, much longer. it depends also what you have eaten, if you eat dairy products, it may take even longer and you may not get as high as milk coats your stomach.

also CBD does not always help to come down. CBD makes you relaxed, but for some people who panic when they are "too high" CBD can actually exasperate the situation because CBD produces a very heavy "body high" which can frighten some people who are inexperienced with cannabis. some people actually respond better to drinking a beer if they are "too high" because alcohol lowers inhibitions and thus can help the person to stop overthinking, and can help them to be distracted enough that they may actually "forget" they are high, and thus, will stop panicking.
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