Cannabuzz: Dude, Where’s My License?

The OLCC Is Dragging Its Feet on Recreational Licenses, and the Clock Is Ticking


I'm starting to think that OLCC is getting paid by the liquor lobby to sit on its hands and not approve more licenses. Perhaps it's a conspiracy theory, but please set me straight.
Yo, is there a measure we can take as a consumer? It'd be nice if you could post something at the end of the article to help guide your audience to the proper place where they can act to help motivate or make a change.
The same thing is happening in Washington State. I'm convinced that both states are bent on eliminating home growing.
Hey Jakebaez, would if I could, and there was action that individuals could take. My best advice is to check in with the Oregon Cannabis Association, a non profit industry group works to help guide the OHA and OLCC when they make less than stellar choices.