Ask a Pot Lawyer

Branding Your Bud, the Legal Way


Well, the War on Drugs using the herbicide, Agent Orange, has effectively, managed to drive original land race strains of Cannabis, such as Acapulco Gold, Oaxacan, and Michoacán into extinction, but there still is Chemdawg, Lemon Larry, OG Kush, Northen Lights, Blueberry, Skunk, G-13, Santa Marta Gold, and other classic, hybrids still exist. Quality quickly wins out, so the best breeders and farmers continue to succeed in business, without encumbrance of trademark, although there are a number of different entities which offer their own uniquely, refined phenotypes of the same strains.
Point is, people figure out where to get the good shit. This corporate branding is greedy and lame. Although, even in the old school underworld there have been attribution disputes.

For instance, in the case of White Widow, the origins of that legendary, hybrid strain is still a source of controversy:
Shantibaba is the original breeder, but when he sold his interest in Greenhouse Seeds Company, he sold rights to the name, White Widow, so now, even though he still has the parent plants, he sells the seeds under the new name, Black Widow.
There's no regulation or legalization for commercial Cannabis in The Netherlands, so no company in such a business is protected by corporate, patent and trademark law.

Shantibaba takes the high road.
This is the problem with corporitization. You are putting the cart before the horse. Get it decriminalized, descheduled and your customers use de-stigmatized first. Otherwise, you all could be shut down by a big pharma approach through schedule 2.