Cannabuzz: The Week in Marijuana

Yes on 91!


Vote NO on 91 because it creates an additional tax that will keep the price higher than the smoker of the bunk ditch weed, which will be the only Cannabis legal to buy. The correct legal remedy is to unequivocally end the prohibition on this non-toxic, beneficial, herb.
Vote yes, cause being able to bring four rooted plants to friends as housewarming gifts will continue Marc Emery's plan of Overgrowing the Government!
Lies on each side of the measure. For example, in this article by the Portland Mercury, it states that measure 91 will allow any adult to grow four Cannabis plants. This is not true. Measure 91 will allow each household to grow four plants. Big difference if you have multiple adults all living together. They have to share the four plants! Each adult does not get four plants! Also, irritable bowel syndrome as well as ptsd both qualify as medical conditions in Oregon. Why is the Portland mercury lying? Just follow the money.
why are my comments getting deleted?
It looks like the Portland Mercury went ahead and published another article without doing their fact-checking. Nicely done.
Cannabis is non-toxic. Tylenol will destroy your liver. More people die from allergic reactions to non-prescription drugs than to heroin over doses. There has never been a single death due to over dose or allergic reaction to Cannabis. That means it absolutely safe to use as a home remedy for whatever ailment that the patient wants to try and treat with it, to see if it will work or not. Regulation is detrimental to medical treatment with Cannabis, and taxation only keeps the price too high and the quality too low.
hey little bird icon person stop typing and fighting for weed and smoke some and relax