Cannabuzz: The Week in Cannabis

Minorities and Marijuana


What a pompous ass. Cannabis is essentially the most complete natural pharmacological panacea. Everybody ought to grow their own, thereby taking the profit out of crime and taxes. The poor of every race, creed, religion, nationality, and hood, will all benefit equally, without special privilege. Trying to make a high profit scam for a select few at the expense of the poor and middle class is fucking bullshit.
If you have been waiting to find a lawyer helping you negotiate the bureaucratic delays getting licensed to sell dried sifted budflower, consider instead setting up a workshop with a workbench and shelving for materials and tools, and make 25-mg-single-vapetoke utensils (flexdrawtube one-hitters) which will soon utterly replace the H(ot)B(urning)O(verdose)M(onoxide) 500-mg Joint or nicotine Blunt. Check out the free wiki article, "12 Ways to Make Vapetoke Pipes from Everyday Objects", sign in, add diagrams and photos, rewrite, improve.
Anyone ought to be able to take their crop on down to the farmers market and sell it for whatever the market will bear.
Oh, yeah, that's right, I forgot. Since most convicts of victimless weed infractions are minorities, only minorities ought to be able to get licensed to sell weight. We wouldn't want to break anybody's rice bowl. I hope this doesn't hurt all the Mexican cartels growing thousands of acres of Marijuana in vineyards of Eastern, Washington State.
End the War on Drugs and let backward third world under developed countries sell what they grow best. Fucking hypocrites. Oh, the poor immigrants need jobs. If the US didn't have it's foot on the throat of their throats they might be able to support themselves. This interstate commerce clause bullshit is just closed market protectionism.

I demand real, old school, genuine, Panama Red, and Lebanese Blonde hash. Acapulco Gold, Michoacán, and Oaxacan have all been made extinct, due to parquet sprayed by US military aircraft. The fighting continues in Columbia, but Santa Marta Gold, Mangobiche, and Punta Roja still exist. Let's fucking have it.
Oaxacan genetics can be found in Blueberry strain and Michoacán was crossed to produce Cannaloupe Haze. These are great hybrids, but the pure land race would have been worth preserving. Now it's lost forever. That's like what if oranges were to be wiped out, and you could never get them anymore.
This whole tax and regulate bullshit is un-American. Just like the Revolutionary War began with a 5% tax on tea, yet the first thing that General Washington did when he took office as President was to levy a tax on Whiskey. That REALLY pissed people off. Pennsylvania refused to pay, but all the other States were to scared to resist George Washington, so with all the fresh tax revenues, the President put together an Army and conquered Pennsylvania.

There's always somebody trying to bum everybody else's trip. Why do you want to take all the fun out of Weed by placing all sorts of meddlesome restrictions on it? The whole idea of smoking it in the first place is to relax, have fun, and enjoy the freedom.

It's time to rescind the tax and regulation of so-called, "Marijuana" in Orygun, and end the prohibition completely, you fucking prick.