Cannabis Jan 3, 2018 at 4:00 am

Brandon Goldner Tackles Our Inquiries About Public Consumption in Portland


I think the intervier made big mistakes. He could have pressed for more information but failed to do so. For instance, there are many different regulatory agencies eyeballing this program and he could have pushed for a timeline as to when these regulatory agencies would reduce their scrutiny to realistic levels.

Throwing softballs wasn’t the answer.
So I am clear, Dirty Mike - in light of the fact that there are "many regulatory agencies" eyeballing this program, you suggest that I ask the Coordinator of a program that is NOT those other programs for a timeline. I'm not certain anyone but the coordinator or Director of the aforementioned many regulatory agencies would be able to provide me with those answers. And as the column was about one particular agency, the focus was on the answers the Coordinator of that program CAN answer, since most Coordinators/Directors don't feel very comfortable giving answers about timelines for agencies of which they do not work. Plus, the column is only 700 words. But thanks for reading.

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