Nightingale Remedies Makes a Cannabis Topical That Actually Works

Because, Despite What Patrick Swayze Taught Us, Pain Does Hurt


My internet searching found nothing at all about this company or its product, no other reviews,even their Fbook page is pristinely unliked or commented upon. I shall remain skeptical.
It's the first thing that comes up when you search for them, that makes 0 sense.

Marquee, the bolded blue name of the company in the piece is what's known as a "hyper link" - by clicking on it, it will take you directly to a website. In this case, it's the website of the product. You can also find it in the comment above this. Or by using Google or other search engines, and typing in the name of the company. Or you can email me and ask about contact info. I can't help you with their pristine FB page, but as they are a new company, that may explain it. Thanks for reading!