Cannabis Jan 17, 2018 at 4:00 am

An OLCC Sting Shows Dispensaries Are Seriously Lax About Minors—and That’s Really, Really Bad


This OLCC study is bullshit. The sample sizes vary too wildly for any real comparative compliance determination to be made. I agree that Id's should be checked every time, but I'm pretty sure this is just the OLCC justifying to the public why they need their hands in the cannabis industry.
Pdxfkr, there is zero reason that of the seven dispensaries visited, four failed. I'm less concerned about any justification the OLCC may have for doing this, and more why Portland didn't get the same 100% that Central Oregon did. I'm not flag waving for the OLCC here, it's just utter bullshit that any dispensary would fail this test. Thanks for reading.
Josh Jardine I don't even understand why you commented to my comment. You added nothing to the discussion other than reiterating what you wrote in the article. Obviously I agree with you about the need for cannabis shops to ID their customers every time. I just don't agree with the numbers that the OLCC came up with and I call into question why they only went to 7 pot shops in Portland, which as you know is densely populated with cannabis shops. Why would the OLCC use such varying sample sizes? I know you don't care because you stated as much, but I'm sure as hell curious.
Pdxfkr, perhaps you should ask the OLCC, seeing as how they are the ones who performed the spot checks. They didn't supply the background or reasoning as to the sample sizes they selected. The column is 700 words, so I'm limited to how much background I can get into. The point I sought to make is the failed # of dispensaries, and while it would be interesting to know why they chose such a small number of dispensaries, it's really not the point of the column. Seriously, if you are curious as hell, ask them and check back in here post discussion.
If this study can be trusted, dispensaries should get their shit in a stack, and pronto. Access by minors is a primary interest of the DEA, and legal states have to enforce a zero-tolerance policy or the elf from Alabama WILL have grounds to shut this down.

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