Sweet Deals on Cheap Weed

Oregon’s Cannabis Surplus Means Savings for You



Sooooo I get texts from a half dozen dispensaries and I can tell you that $4 grams and $15 quarter ounces can be had, tax included. My current favorite is THC on Fremont and ~47th, you can pick up grams of HUSH BHO for $8 and the afore mentioned quarter oz's for $15, they had some decent Blue Dream and Golden Lemon last week...Firehouse Cannabliss on SE 7th always has screaming deals but I deleted that text thread so you'll just have to take my word for it. Shango up on Airport Way are always advertising $4 grams and CannaSource on NE 148th was offering some really amazing dals last time I stopped in...


Thanks gravit8, those are some smoking deals. (I'll show myself out...)