Deep in the voluminous packet of information that makes up the city's deal for accepting the "Made in Oregon" sign, I found something chuckle-worthy: a list of restrictions for unused retail space under the Burnside Bridge that would be part of the transaction.

The space, developed by the Portland Development Commission, will be turned over to the city. The city will lease the space, along with a parking lot nearby, to the owner of the building that hosts the "Made in Oregon" sign. In exchange for the chance to rent

The University of Oregon is expected to sublet the space, city officials say. But here's what won't be moving in:


Seems fairly specific. And moral. That's because there's something else to this transaction besides rescuing a famous sign. By making this deal, city officials also are hoping to breathe a bit more life into a part of town where few shoppers and visitors make their way. And when you want upscale people to come, you better provide upscale things to buy.