Wait a minute... I thought that Sam's alleged indiscretions would prevent the religious community from ever seriously engaging with City Hall and dissuade them from ever seriously supporting any of Sam's proposals. That's why it was so very, very, very important that we have not one but two recall attempts, right?

Right, Bob. Glad they stepped up. There are some actual problems this city needs to address. I wish Dem politicians could get over their image issues to do the same. But then again, Oregon Democrats have a long history of selling out their gay colleagues if they think "gay" looks bad to voters.

Oh, and Chuck Currie rocks.
Let's see, Portland spends $250,000 defending this law and loses. Taxpayers pay for Oregon to automatically sue Portland when this passes to defend the OSR. So expect $500,000 minimum to come out of the school budgets. NRA files a quick friends brief price $10,000 collects extra $200,000 in donations and dues.

Watching Sam Spin it --PRICELESS
Is this going to be like the sit/lie law? (Which has been used against less than a few dozen people despite taking an inordinate amount of time and energy to craft adn manage) I think yes. It'll be rolled out to great fanfare, then be too complicated and weird to really enforce.
@ Number Six: That's a very fair question/point, and it's one reason why, I think, some community members have reservations.
Religion = #1 cause of violence worldwide. Time for the church to step up and implement the change they want to see and not rely on the government. Their sole reason for existing should be giving hope, ending poverty, etc and staying out of politics.

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