not sure where the army reserve center is, but I assume it's that site along Multnomah Blvd. just E of I5.

which would seem imminently smarter since all or most of the NW industrial area is on fill or sand, and will enjoy high degrees of liquefaction during a big quake. getting any equipment out of there may well be impossible after "the big one".

unless I'm missing something, which is not unheard of.
Good decision by the city. Doing something for free rather than spending $10 million is so unPortland like.

BTW, no news outlet, or even an organization that makes little to no attempt at impartiality, should be a friend of the mayor, or any other elected official. You're supposed to be the fourth estate, not an inhabitant of a politician's spare bedroom.
No, it's the Oregonian's huge gain, since no private individual could afford or would get such a sweetheart deal.
And no, I don't fall for the 'store large equipment' line.
What equipment is this that the city does not already own or contract out?
Or land the city does not already own?
Or parking space?
D, I think you're misunderstanding the purpose. Most (if not all) of the large equipment and such that the city (and TriMet, and PGE… and--oh shit, we're screwed in an earthquake) owns is stored on the east side. This site is necessary for when the earthquake knocks down the bridges and that OHSU-PSU merger goes through rapidly and we need that equipment on the west side to unbury people and things.

A responsible move for the city, but I sure would have liked to see affordable housing a la The Knoll go in at that armory site.

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