"Everything has equal standing in our code". This is not my observation of how BDS works. Variances are granted, laws are changed retroactively, promises are made but no one is held accountable. Some examples:
1) Citizens brought up zoning code violations by Portland Public Schools, which closed many schools and reconfigured many others and blatantly violated City zoning code. The city's response was to change the code and grant retroactive immunity to PPS.

2. Last week we read that the city funneled money from affordable housing funds into a development in SW Portland that serves higher income people. I think perhaps BDS should fix that before fining R2DToo.

We are clearly in a housing and economic crisis. Surely the city could grant a variance for Right 2 Dream Too. They are providing safe shelter for dozens of people every night, with no police calls. If R2DToo is shut down, people will be thrown back on the street. When there is universal affordable housing for all, then we can talk about closing down camps. Until then leave places like R2DToo alone.
'...He can't wave a magic wand and make the code go away....' yes u nasty idiot, that's exactly what can and should be done

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