I wonder if the union leaders might start to like Cameron Whitten, of Occupy Portland, after the Coast Guard sends its troops in to bust up the port union in Longview (on behalf of a foriegn corp that wants cheap labor). Occupy will be there, holding the line with the striking workers. If not, maybe it's time for union members to ask why.
And which particular view of the CRC coming out of Brady's mouth are they supporting? The one where she said the project has major problems and needs to be reconfigured (said to anti-current CRC crowds) or the one where she said the project should move forward immediately (to pro-CRC crowds)? She's flip-flopped on CRC so many times that it makes one's head spin.
Joe wishes he was president - he's just Cliff's stooge
If Jefferson Smith loses the endorsement of the IBEW at the expense of taking a much closer look at a project with the potential of bankrupting our city, then so be it. I want real leadership, not just promising anything to get a vote.

I just hope the union members take a closer look at a person who has managed to NOT be a friend to unions. New Seasons Market has prevented organizing since the beginning and is no friend to unions. Think for yourself and do not let the chamber of commerce decide this election or special interests for that matter.

Thanks Jefferson for not rushing us towards this potential boondoggle!
She's for it now? Because she said this to the Wweek:

"This project will not go forward in its current form."

This woman will tell anyone what they want to hear.
It's no coincidence that the number of unregistered comments always increases on posts pertaining to the mayoral race. Try not to be so transparent, you flacks.

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