So a drunk woman passed out on a couch attacked him 20 years ago? Film at 11 seriously...
Doubt he's dropping out -- that incident doesn't really sound extreme enough. Maybe he'll sit down with a notebook and list out every questionable choice he's made in his life? The suspended licenses alone should take a few minutes.
And really -- by age 20, who HASN'T punched (or been punched by) a drunk lady?
Maybe he will drop out. Dammit, why didn't Novick run for mayor?
@Econoline: Um... sorry, but when one of two candidates for Portland mayor (who has a history of violent outbursts - pick-up basketball nut-punch, indoor soccer shoving) had a scuffle with a woman that ultimately sent her to the hospital and got him charged with assault, it's fucking news. I don't care if it was 20 years ago.
@Strunk & White - I feel like you're the only one who cares. You realize the current Mayor pursued sexual relationships with minors?

This sounds like it should be filled under, "Stupid drunken mistakes of college."

Who hasn't had a drunk college girl overreact and hit them? That's my story every Tuesday night.
Her drunk ass stumbled and she cut her forehead. It wasn't his fault, bitches be crazy son
I guess we're about to find out if Portland is where young politicians go to retire.
@Strunk & White: I would rather have a violent man in office than a tax evading liar that quit city council mid-term to work for a company that he was ACTIVELY PURSUING CITY BUSINESS WITH.
Jesus, this seems like a choice between two career assholes.

Miss you, Sam!
There's a fascinating debate raging on this subject on Matt Davis's Facebook wall.
Always interesting, sociologically speaking, to see what news brings Matt Davis back around.

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