I've lived downtown guys, there are tents and obviously drug-addicted or seasonal homeless in all kinds of places there weren't even two years ago. Nobody who lives in the city is denying that, if they are they're pushing a narrative. It's f**king obvious, they weren't there, now they are there.

I'm not offering any cure here, but whatever the city is doing is not helping. Portland is a destination town - check the interviews Vice did with the seasonal folks a couple years ago, they said straight up that they know it's a great place to come and shoot dope in the Summer as they are left alone, pretty much on prime real estate.

The city is going to shit in this regard and if you don't agree you're either naiive, bullshitting, or don't life down here.
Where can I sign on, this should be a class action lawsuit.
Part of the problem is religious wacko pastors handing out camping gear and telling junkies that they are victims and never part of the problem. If you don't wash the feet of beggars and do complain about the vandalism, you are labelled an ungodly uncompassionate person. That, and tons of free food ,has actually attracted people from out-of-state. It is a lie that all those crust punks are from Forest Grove. They are coming from other states & staying because of free tents and no law enforcement.

I am close to moving my small office from SE Portland to Gresham or Milwaukie. Why? Because I can't work with the off-beat junkie drummers, and out-of-tune homeless buskers. It is torture to listen to people play instruments badly for hours under my office window,

Thanks Hales! Thanks Pastor of faux-charity "Home Forward." Your bronze age ideas of charity suck big time.
I have been working downtown for several years, and I think things are BETTER now than they have been. Admittedly we are getting warm earlier in the year, but the number of human feces I am stepping over has dwindled to almost zero.

The number of homeless I see has dropped, and the number of people getting the help they need seems to have gone UP.

I talk with friends that work in the homeless community and do social work and they all think things are getting better, but again...still early.
If they get away with it I'll sue the PBA for being the ones to prompt mayor Hales to initiate the street sweeps and herd human beings like rats - a thing which had the immediate consequences of violence, degeneracy, and literally murder. The PBA is murderers. They just do not have the spine to do so with their own hands.
They are just mad because since that time (2013) Hales has questioned his loyalty to their entitled and power hungry little group and he heas tried to see the other side, albeit unsuccessfully (the camping thing is inherently flawed and the policies demonstrate they don't know what they are dealing with). Still, at least the guy showed he is not their puppet. Go ahead and cry PBA. Nobody cares, and your not getting a dime.
If you want to camp in areas where you don't affect businesses fine, but I am not going to support your refusal to work.
Instead of enacting illegal code, how about some simple, good old fashioned, selective non enforcement? Just make camping a low priority.
I think the lawsuit might have less teeth if the city had enacted the bullet points under the section "Organized, City Sanctioned Camping" -- a code of conduct monitored and enforced by a city-selected Camp Host, presumably as part of having "a clear expectation of what will and will not be allowed by the City." The Springwater Corridor Camp, as far as I know, has no such city liaison and no such code of conduct.

A reasonable proportion of the homeless have mental problems and addiction problems and leaving them unsupervised, much less untreated, will perpetuate trouble.
Two Parcels for camping? I nominate the Westmoreland Golf Course and Berkeley Park

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