When he wasn’t chasing teenagers, I imagine this suggestion was left overs from Sam Adams’ “10 Year Plan To End Homelessness”.

Since Adams himself did Jack shit on this issue when he was in office, one is left wondering who the fuck asked his opinion?


The problem with doing the things that have been proven to work is that those methods don't give housed people that feeling of vengeance they crave.

If we can't punish the poor, who can we punish?


I'm not sure why Ted Wheeler is opposed to partnering with apartment leasing agents to get these people into permanent housing. This seems like the most sensible solution. There are so many empty apartments I see all over town.

It's this disconnect that is disgusting and for which Wheeler will be remember. I want to be clear my opposition to houseless on transport corridors is not a call for displacement. It's an urgent call to do the right thing, and get these people into permanent housing.

I was once houseless for a year. It's horrible, the only thing that kept me from that was a minority scholarship at university. These programs work. We should treat these people as future tax payers and contributors to society. Their stories and voices matter. Assume that want to participate in society once they are healed.

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