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Bikes Jun 20 2:00 PM

Portland Pride Rides All Summer Long—Here Are Some 2024 Pedalpalooza Picks!

A few ways our city leads the way in welcoming riders of all genders and sexualities.

Bikes Apr 15 11:00 AM

Photo Essay: Biking in Circles at the Ladds 500

The seventh "First Annual" Ladds 500 attracted more than 1,000 people to Southeast Portland's Ladd's Addition for a non-competitive relay race.

Bikes Sep 7 10:19 AM

Photo Essay: Organizers Call Inaugural Native and Indigenous Bike Ride a Success

Pedalpalooza’s first ride geared exclusively toward Native and Indigenous riders drew attendees from as far away as Arizona.

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Bikes Aug 26 10:00 AM

Inaugural Native and Indigenous Pedalpalooza Ride Set to Roll Out

Organizers Nanette Beyale and Alexis Vazquez want their Saturday, August 27 ride to build connections within Portland’s Native American and Indigenous community.

Bikes Sep 13 4:00 AM

How to Get Around Portland (Car-Free)

Yes, You Can, and Yes, You Should

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Bikes May 24 4:00 AM

Portland Finally Has a Mountain Bike Park

It’s Sandwiched Between Two Freeways, and It’s Probably Just the Beginning

Bikes May 24 4:00 AM

Our Picks for Pedalpalooza 2017

Ride the Lightning!

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Bikes Sep 14 4:00 AM

Use Bike Share—But Don’t You Dare Mess Up!

A Helpful Guide to Biketown Success

Bikes Aug 24 4:00 AM

Portland’s Speed Limits Ignore Cyclists and Pedestrians

But as Road Deaths Spike, That’s About to Change

Bikes Jun 3 4:20 PM

Ride Like Hell

The Mercury's Top Pedalpalooza Picks

Bikes Jun 3 4:20 PM

Fury Road

Welcome to the 2015 Bike Issue! Things Have Changed Since Last Year.

Bikes Jun 3 4:20 PM

Fit While You Sit

Gladys Bikes' Fitting Service Made Me Like My Bike. I Think.

Bikes Jun 3 4:20 PM

All Gold Everything?

Portland's Top Bicycling Marks Aren't Going Anywhere

Bikes Jun 3 4:20 PM

In the Bag

North St. Bags Is Portland's Latest Bike Industry Leader

Bikes Jun 3 4:20 PM

Free Passage

A Historian Explains Why the Streets Are Ours (Not Just Cars')

Bikes Jun 3 4:20 PM

We're Number 1!

Portland: America's Best City for Novice Bike Commuters, According to One Novice Bike Commuter

Bikes Jun 3 12:00 PM

Helmets (for the Helmet Haters)

On Your Irrationality About Helmets... and Rad-Looking Helmets!

Bikes Jun 4 4:00 PM

Slow Leak

Portland's Lost Its Urgency for Bikes. Let's Get It Back!

Bikes Jun 4 4:00 PM

Here's to June

Our Top Pedalpalooza Picks

Bikes Jun 4 4:00 PM

The First Five Minutes

You've Been Hit by a Car. Now What?

Bikes Jun 4 4:00 PM

Bike Curious

I Have a Bike. I Don't Ride It. Here's Why.

Bikes Jun 4 4:00 PM

A Call to Arms

Our Annual Bike Issue, and Two Sides of the Coin

Bikes Jun 4 4:00 PM

Date by Bike!

Two Wheels, Full Hearts, Can't Lose

Bikes Jun 4 4:00 PM

Wheels Up

Lumberyard Bike Park: The Most Fun You'll Have on Two Wheels (Indoors)!