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Record Reviews Jun 6 4:00 AM

Record Review: Blossom, Maybe

Blossom’s Chill, Soul-Derived Delivery Allows Space for Neill Von Tally’s Instrument-Heavy Production to Shine

Record Reviews May 23 4:00 AM

Record Review: TK and the Holy Know-Nothings, Arguably OK

TK and the Holy Know-Nothings’ Debut LP Is Full of Smart, Relentlessly Honest Songwriting

Record Reviews Sep 13 4:00 AM

EP Review: Loose, Haircut

The Portland Trio’s Debut Keeps Things Nice and Tight

Record Reviews Aug 29 4:00 AM

Robin Bacior’s Light It Moved Me Is an Exploration of Subtlety

The Portland Singer/Songwriter Delves into Illuminating Jazz Sounds

Record Reviews Aug 29 4:00 AM

EP Review: Mini Blinds, Dust

The Portland Indie Pop Band Reintroduces Itself

Record Reviews Aug 15 4:00 AM

EP Review: Babehoven, Sleep

The Portland Band’s Lo-Fi Debut Shows Sky-High Potential

Record Reviews Aug 8 4:00 AM

Record Review: Chanti Darling, RNB Vol. 1

The Retro-Futurist Soul Outfit Releases Their Debut LP

Record Reviews Jul 4 4:00 AM

EP Review: Plastic Cactus, Moth Eyes

The Portland Band’s Second EP Is Even Darker and Moodier

Record Reviews Jul 4 4:00 AM

Record Review: Tender Age, Becoming Real Forever

Heavy Fuzz and Hissing Guitars Course Through the Portland Band’s Debut LP

Record Reviews Jun 13 4:00 AM

Record Review: The Lavender Flu, Mow the Glass

The Portland Band’s Sophomore Album Is More Focused (Though Still Chaotic)

Record Reviews May 23 4:00 AM

Record Review: Dear Nora, Skulls Example

The Beloved Indie Folk Project Hasn’t Lost Its Gentle Power

Record Reviews May 23 4:00 AM

Record Review: Lithics, Mating Surfaces

The Portland Art-Punk Band’s Latest Is Taut and Thoughtful

Record Reviews Apr 11 4:00 AM

Record Review: Mope Grooves, Vanished

The Portland Band’ New LP Documents Moonlit Fear

Record Reviews Apr 4 4:00 AM

Record Review: Møtrik, Safety Copy

The Portland Band’s New Album Revs Up the Rock

Record Reviews Feb 28 4:00 AM

Record Review: Candace, New Ruins

The Portland Trio Returns with Heavy-Lidded Lo-Fi