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News Sep 14 8:40 PM

With Politics in Rearview, Mayor Wheeler Announces ‘Doubling Down’ on Homeless, Economic Policies

Portland mayor says he's committed to ending homeless camping, boosting economy, and hiring interim city manager before leaving office.

labor Sep 14 8:00 AM

Organizing Portland: Local Labor Organizers See Surge in Union Solidarity, Diversity

Independent union membership is growing at Portland retail stores, restaurants, and even strip clubs. Longstanding unions are also receiving community support.

News Sep 13 3:30 PM

Portland Mayor Wheeler Says He Won't Seek Another Term

Addressing questions about a reelection bid, Wheeler says city's current challenges will require all of his focus over the next 15 months.

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Transportation Sep 11 4:29 PM

TriMet Joins Portland's War on Drugs

After a study found negligible amounts of meth and fentanyl residue on transit, TriMet calls for a "crackdown." Experts recommend a more nuanced approach.

News Sep 8 1:21 PM

The First Portland Area Detox Center Funded By Measure 110 Will Open Soon

It’s the first drug withdrawal center in the Portland metro region to focus on fentanyl addiction, and proof that Measure 110 efforts are paying off

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News Sep 7 10:00 AM

Portland City Councilors Will Lobby For Change in State Law to Pave Way For Criminalization of Drugs

City leaders blame a loophole in state law for the scourge of fentanyl and meth addiction on Portland's streets. Experts caution a repeat of the failed War on Drugs.

News Aug 31 11:03 AM

Missing the Forest and the Trees: How City Politics Are Getting in the Way of Portland’s Tree Canopy

Experts say trees play a key role in combating the effects of climate change, but Portland’s convoluted system has led to confusion and neglect.

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News Aug 30 10:00 AM

2024 Election: Portland City Council Candidates Already Scrambling For Public Campaign Dollars

With new City Council districts confirmed, campaigns are already underway for 12 council seats.

News Aug 30 7:30 AM

Low Pay and High Consequences: PSU Adjuncts Say Treatment of Part-Time Instructors Reveals Institutional Problems

Adjunct faculty at Portland State University, currently bargaining for higher wages, say they aren't being fairly paid for their contribution to Portland's largest university.

News Aug 29 8:02 AM

Unionized Burgerville Workers Say Company is Illegally Retaliating Against Organizers

Union says contract negotiations with management have stalled, noting a recent one-day strike saw temporary workers hired at higher wages than permanent staff

News Aug 24 2:32 PM

Long Live Outdoor Dining: Portland Takes Steps to Implement Permanent Street Seating Program

Outdoor dining became popular amongst Portland restaurant owners and customers during the pandemic. The Portland Bureau of Transportation wants to make it a permanent fixture on the streets.

News Aug 24 12:11 PM

Defendant Sued By Andy Ngo Says They Never Received Legal Summons Before Being Ordered To Pay $100,000

A Portlander is fighting the justice system after a right-wing blogger won a legal judgment against them for failing to appear in court. They say they never received proper legal notice.

News Aug 22 8:32 AM

Rapid Response Bio Clean Settles Lawsuit With Man Whose Property Was Thrown Away During Homeless Camp Sweep

Portland's contracted homeless campsite removal company was recently ordered to pay damages in another lawsuit stemming from the same 2020 sweep.

Sports Aug 22 7:22 AM

Portland Timbers Fire Head Coach Giovanni Savarese

Savarese leaves a club lacking both character and direction.

News Aug 21 9:57 AM

UPDATED: Charter Reform: District Commission Moving Ahead With Voting Map Combining Sellwood With West Side

The Independent District Commission is expected to vote to approve the Alder map, marking the next step in the city transition.

News Aug 19 8:37 AM

Public Apology Issued To Former Commissioner Hardesty After City Settles Lawsuit Over False Claims Leaked By Police

City of Portland agrees to pay Jo Ann Hardesty $5,000. Claims against police union and officers remain unresolved.

News Aug 16 2:55 PM

Amid Stifling Heat Wave, Multnomah County Lacks Dedicated Shelter Spaces

Despite 69 heat deaths in 2021 and more suspected deaths this week, cooling centers and resources aren't guaranteed.

News Aug 15 8:07 AM

No Money, No Justice: How Oregon's Refusal to Fairly Pay Court Experts Caused a Public Defense Crisis

Without public defense resources, attorneys say innocent people without financial means lack proper legal representation

News Aug 14 10:42 AM

Where To Go To Cool Off During Portland's Heat Wave

Cooling centers reopen Wednesday during state of emergency due to high temps. County health officials warn of toxic algae blooms in Willamette River. 

News Aug 10 4:22 PM

Nurses at OHSU Say Hospital Has Ignored Critical Safety Gaps

As threats, shootings at hospitals increase, workers at Oregon’s largest health organization cite spotty safety measures.

Transportation Aug 9 4:22 PM

Cops, Cameras, and "Safe Systems": The Debate About Curbing Traffic Violence on Portland's Streets

Portland continues to experience record-breaking numbers of traffic crash fatalities. With funding and political barriers, what's the best way to keep people safe on the streets?

News Aug 9 12:22 PM

Jury Rules Against Andy Ngo in Activist Lawsuit

Right-wing media figure sought damages stemming from attacks in Portland.

News Aug 7 10:04 PM

Portland Police Bureau Identifies Cops Who Killed Legacy Hospital Gunman

Three officers involved in July 22 fatal shooting remain on leave. The incident is the second deadly police shooting of 2023 in Portland.

News Aug 3 3:26 PM

Nearly 11,000 Oregonians Want City Leaders To Shore Up Portland Street Response

Petition shows outpouring of support for crisis response program, but budget constraints and employee morale still threaten its success

News Aug 2 3:04 PM

Powell's Workers, Fed Up With "Poverty Wages," Move Closer to a Strike

Employees at the world's largest independent bookstore voted to authorize a future strike, citing stagnant wages that diminish the value they bring to the beloved stores.

News Aug 2 9:37 AM

Before Fire, City Inspectors Warned Former Kmart Site Owners of Code Violations

The real estate company co-owned by an NFL team owner was told to board up the outer Northeast Portland property. Now, the company faces a class action lawsuit.

LGBTQIA+ Jul 31 8:00 AM

Protests and Threats Cast a Pall Over Oregon Pride Celebrations

Some see Oregon as a haven for queer rights, but emboldened anti-LGBTQ+ harassment ruined quite a few Pride events in 2023.

News Jul 30 7:03 PM

With Revenue Windfall, Portland Clean Energy Fund Committee Approves Climate Investment Plan

Despite past hiccups, PCEF is now on track to dole out $750 million on carbon cutting projects through 2028.

News Jul 28 3:25 PM

As WNBA Eyes Expansion, Supporters Push For Portland To Be the New Face of Women’s Basketball

Portland’s previous WNBA team folded. Can the Rose City’s ardent sports fans convince the right buyer to take the leap?

News Jul 27 8:38 AM

Police Delay Release of Information After Fatal Shooting of Hospital Gunman

Three Portland police officers fired at a suspect. It could be weeks before their names are published. Accountability advocates say the policy is out of line with other agencies and PPB's own internal directives.

News Jul 26 11:11 AM

Report: Company Hired to Board Up Properties Violated City Contract and Swindled Business Owners

Portland ombudsman says lack of city oversight led to multiple contract violations and billing discrepancies, costing vandalized businesses thousands.

News Jul 21 2:12 PM

Tusitala "Tiny" Toese Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison for 2021 Proud Boys Brawl in Portland

Prosecutors asked judge for lengthy sentence, citing Toese's history of violence and arrest at politically-charged riots led by the Proud Boys.

News Jul 21 1:42 PM

Asbestos Found in Northeast Portland Fire Debris, Stoking Neighborhood Health Fears

A fire at a former Kmart building earlier this week spread toxic ash around the neighborhood. Nearby residents say it's another example of "repeated trauma" at the site.

News Jul 20 3:43 PM

Portland Has a New Plan for the Future of Urban Freight

City planners look to cargo bikes, improved rail crossings, and dedicated bike and truck lanes for improved safety and sustainability to move goods around Portland.

News Jul 20 11:47 AM

Rogue Commissioners' Plan to Subvert Voters With New Charter Reform Measure Falls Flat—For Now

Commissioner Dan Ryan backpedals on most of the new policies he and Commissioner Rene Gonzalez promoted in a proposal to overhaul the original charter reform measure—but is more interference with progressive policies on the way?

News Jul 18 6:04 PM

Commissioners Push for Last-Minute Charter Reform Changes in Chaotic Work Session

Pro-charter reform advocates showed up en masse to the meeting, decrying Commissioners Rene Gonzalez and Dan Ryan's proposed overhaul of the voter-approved measure.

News Jul 17 5:53 PM

Portland's First Temporary Mass Shelter Site Will Open This Month

Pods at the Clinton Triangle in Southeast Portland are a far cry from initial plans to corral up to 250 people in tents.

News Jul 14 3:34 PM

Gun Violence, Arts Tax, and Homeless Services: City Auditor Reveals What’s Going Under the Microscope

Portland City Auditor's Office will focus on auditing government functions that will have the greatest impact on residents.

News Jul 14 1:50 PM

OHSU Nurses Prepare For Possible Labor Strike

Health care workers say hospitals have failed to address chronic staffing issues, leading to strikes not seen in decades.

News Jul 12 3:20 PM

Updated: Commissioners' Proposal Could Throw a Wrench in Voter-Approved Charter Reform Plan

Commissioners Gonzalez and Ryan want to make substantial changes to the charter reform measure passed last November. Proponents of the initial measure say the move is a power play that could threaten the entire plan.

News Jul 12 1:46 PM

Pete Buttigieg's Tour of 82nd Avenue Underscores Opportunities, Ultimatums For One of Portland's Busiest Corridors

With $80 million in federal funds, transportation leaders must move quickly to enact projects before a 2026 deadline. They'll also need to hash out a greater vision for transforming the corridor.

News Jul 12 8:18 AM

Portland Police Officer Apologizes to Photographer Struck in the Head With Baton During 2020 Protest

Court dismisses assault charge against officer after restorative justice process leads to public apology.

News Jul 10 9:42 AM

In His Mayoral Run, Mingus Mapps Wants to Lead "Portland 2.0"

After perceived policy missteps and previous opposition to new government structure coming in 2025, Mapps now wants to lead the "new Portland."

News Jul 7 4:15 PM

Portland's O'Bryant Square to Be Renamed Darcelle XV Plaza

Dormant pocket park on Southwest Harvey Milk Street will honor legacy of famous drag performer.

News Jul 5 4:34 PM

Two Days Before Portland's Camping Ban Takes Effect, City Has Yet To Clarify Rules

Fake signage in Southeast Portland aims to deter homeless sites as mayor's office promises outreach and education is forthcoming.

News Jun 30 4:05 PM

A 112-Year-Old Building in Downtown Portland Will Play a Key Role in Tackling Homelessness

The Fairfield Apartments, set to open in 2025, aims to house formerly homeless Black Portlanders with ultra affordable units

News Jun 30 7:30 AM

CAT in Crisis: Financial Trouble Threatens Future of Portland’s Community Alliance of Tenants

The nearly three-decade old nonprofit plans to lay off most staffers until it secures more resources. Employees say the problem goes even deeper, alleging mismanagement and union-busting.

News Jun 27 3:33 PM

Mayor Wheeler Abandons Proposed Prohibition on Public Drug Use, Citing New State Law

Portland mayor wanted council’s blessing on city code change, despite inevitable legal and enforcement challenges.

News Jun 27 11:07 AM

A Portland Woman Is Fighting the City to Keep a Free Pantry on Her Property

Southeast Portlander says a disgruntled neighbor is using the city’s code enforcement system to stymie her efforts to aid area’s homeless.

News Jun 26 8:21 PM

Without Tolling Revenue, ODOT Puts the Brakes on Two Portland-Area Freeway Projects

As state transportation agency stretches to find funding alternatives, watchdogs rejoice over reevaluation of plans to widen I-205 and I-5.

Queer Guide 2023 Jun 26 3:52 AM

A Mother's Fight for Her Gay Son's Military Honors

The Navy discharged Martin Cerezo for being gay. His mother is now fighting for LGBTQ vets across the nation.

News Jun 23 3:08 PM

Skaters Renew Pressure on Portland City Leaders to Build Steel Bridge Skatepark

With a quarter million dollars for design from Prosper Portland set aside, skatepark advocates say new park could play key role in downtown revitalization.

News Jun 22 3:37 PM

Multnomah County to Sue Big Oil for Billions for Their Role In Deadly Heat Dome Event

Multnomah County Commissioners voted today to file a lawsuit against fossil fuel companies for their role in the climate crisis and deadly 2021 heat dome.

News Jun 20 7:57 PM

City Contractor Ordered To Pay for Personal Items Confiscated During 2020 Homeless Camp Sweep

Lawsuit against Rapid Response Bio Clean alleged company threw away personal property in violation of local and state laws.

News Jun 19 5:50 PM

In Last-Minute Amendment, Oregon Lawmakers Propose $1 Billion For I-5 Bridge Replacement Project

Critics say the budget for the Interstate Bridge Replacement Program is skyrocketing too quickly, leaving funding for other services in jeopardy.

News Jun 19 4:56 PM

Providence Nurses Strike Over Low Pay, Benefits

During the first health care strike in more than 20 years, Portland and Seaside hospitals are relying on temporary and traveling staff.

Politics Jun 19 11:22 AM

Portland’s Charter Reform is Moving Full Steam Ahead

Elected leaders would make at least $140K under new salary proposals, while draft voting district maps draw concern over geographic splits.

News Jun 15 12:19 PM

Oregon Legislature Breaks Longest Walkout in State's History

Republicans return to capitol as Democrats make concessions on key bills, including abortion rights and gun restrictions.

News Jun 14 3:01 PM

As Republican Lawmakers Continue to Skip Work, House Democrats Want Oregon’s Quorum Rules Changed

Resolution proposes changing state’s Constitution to require simple majority for legislative votes, as a previous measure to punish lawmakers for walkouts faces legal challenges.

News Jun 13 3:45 PM

Portland School District Considers Bringing Back Cops —At a Distance

Pilot program aims to restore Portland Public Schools' relationship with police, after shootings near campuses earlier this year.

Transportation Jun 12 2:45 PM

Four-Month Pause on MAX Red Line Service to PDX Starts This Weekend

TriMet plans shuttle service from Gateway Transit Center to the airport, but asks passengers to plan extra time in their commute.

News Jun 9 2:45 PM

Police Drone Pilot Program to Lift Off Next Week

Portland Police say the drones will aid in crash and crime scene investigations—but won't be used to surveil citizens.

News Jun 7 8:21 PM

City Council Approves Daytime Camping Ban; Legal Challenges Could Arise

Portland leaders are facing questions about the city's ability to police unsanctioned homeless sites.

News Jun 6 4:08 PM

Portland City Employees Form New Workers Union

More than 700 professional workers are now eligible to join an independent union for Portland employees.

News Jun 6 12:25 PM

Mercury Writers Take Home a Box Full of Journalism Awards!

Check out the stories which won a slew of awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.

News Jun 5 4:13 PM

Freight Train Pain: City Will Study Solutions for Frequently Blocked Eastside Railroad Crossings

Portlanders have griped about problematic railroad crossings in the Central Eastside for years. Now, a federal grant will allow the city to work on fixes. 

News Jun 2 4:31 PM

Public Opposition to Gunshot Detection Program Convinces City To Reverse Course

Mayor and police chief abandon plans for gunshot detection technology, opting for gun violence reduction training and partnerships instead.

News Jun 1 7:30 AM

Critics Call Proposed Camping Ban "Impossible to Comply With"

Portland City Council expected to vote June 7 on ordinance that would prohibit daytime camping.

News May 31 10:43 PM

City Settles Class Action Disabilities Lawsuit Over Blocked Sidewalks

The lawsuit's primary plaintiff railed against homeless services, as well as Portland progressives.

News May 31 8:00 AM

Pedalpalooza, Portland's Summer-Long Bike Festival, Begins This Week

A Thursday evening kickoff ride will herald the annual bike festivities.

News May 30 4:53 PM

State Finds Portland Public Schools Wasn’t at Fault For Bus Driver Who Espoused Religious Views to Students

Parent expresses frustration over school district’s push for the driver to remain on his route, despite prior incidents

News May 29 8:00 AM

Nonprofits Say Social Service Workers Are Dangerously Close To Needing Services They’re Paid To Provide

Community organizations call on city, counties to build better wages into nonprofit contracts.

News May 26 4:49 PM

City Leaders Lambast Joint Office of Homeless Services, Call For Heightened Budget Scrutiny

Multnomah County chair says county should kick in $20 million toward city’s mass alternative shelter sites.

News May 25 2:50 PM

Portland City Council Will Consider Public Camping Ban Ordinance That Would Fine, Jail Unhoused Residents

Mayor Ted Wheeler's proposed ordinance would heavily restrict public camping to nighttime hours only, while also prohibiting fires and gas stoves.

News May 24 7:45 AM

"PBOT Is on Life Support": Inside Portland’s Transportation Budget Crisis

An 11th-hour city budget amendment proposed by Mayor Ted Wheeler has revealed the depths of the transportation bureau’s woes.

Transportation May 22 4:45 PM

Transportation Justice Advocates Plan Rally Against TriMet Fare Hike

TriMet's board of directors is expected to approve a 30-cent fare increase on Wednesday. Opponents say it's the wrong way for the transit agency to fix its budget woes.

News May 18 2:43 PM

Portland's $7.1 Billion Budget Will Boost Police and Reduce Utility Rate Increases

Despite growing list of deferred infrastructure maintenance projects, Mayor Wheeler cuts taxes and fees.

Transportation May 18 7:38 AM

Traffic Cops are Back—But Advocates Still Want More Speed Cameras

Portland Police are bringing back the traffic enforcement team, but advocates point to traffic light cameras as the best way to slow drivers and reduce racial bias in policing.

News May 17 11:23 AM

Election Results: Julia Brim-Edwards Wins County Commissioner Race

Amid low turnout, voters rejected an eviction defense measure, but renewed a children's levy. A school board candidate who dropped out of the race secured more than 40% of the vote.

News May 17 7:25 AM

Fire Destroys Downtown Portland Apartment Building

Firefighters say residents initially ignored alarms before massive blaze left them displaced.

News May 15 12:49 PM

Democratic Lawmakers Are Advancing a Domestic Terrorism Bill That Some Say Is Ripe for Abuse

HB 2772 was crafted to punish extremist attacks, but activists worry it will be used to target climate and racial justice protesters.

News May 12 2:45 PM

The Right to Rest in Oregon

What happened with the controversial proposal that would allow homeless Oregonians equal access to public space?

News May 11 3:27 PM

Portland Parent Says Public School Bus Driver Encouraged Prayer, Religious Singing

Oregon’s education agency warns district could lose funding if religious activity took place on Faubion School route.

News May 11 3:14 PM

Prism Health Center Closes Temporarily After Threat to Clinic

Staff said the clinic closed out of catution after a patient in mental distress made verbal threats.

News May 11 8:04 AM

Peterson Says He’s Officially Out of the Portland School Board Race—Again

After radio silence, the candidate reiterated his withdrawal from the Portland Public Schools race for Zone 3.

News May 9 7:55 AM

Build It and They Will Pay: ODOT’s Plans for Tolling Generate Broad Backlash

Skepticism from Governor Tina Kotek and state legislators about the Oregon Department of Transportation's tolling plans may have lasting impacts.

News May 8 3:51 PM

Portland School Board Candidate Waffles on Withdrawal Statement, Confusing Voters a Week Before Election

Derrick Peterson's campaign manager resigned last week, amid reports of candidate's ties to Christian Nationalist groups.

News May 5 7:06 PM

Vote Quick 'n' Easy with the Mercury's May 2023 Endorsements CHEAT SHEET!

No time? No problem! All the Mercury's endorsements for the May 16 election are right here.

News May 5 4:41 PM

The Mercury's 2023 May Election Endorsements

It's a small—but mighty—election. So grab your ballot and vote along with the Mercury!

News May 3 10:28 PM

Portland School Board Candidate Withdraws From Race

Derrick Peterson drops out of PPS race two weeks before election, after alleged ties with Christian nationalist groups surface.

News May 3 4:25 PM

Return of Sunday Parkways Kicks Off in East Portland May 7

Live music, food, and roller skate rentals highlight upcoming car-free parks event.

News May 2 11:51 AM

Oregon Secretary of State Resigns Amid Ethics Questions About Cannabis Consulting Work

Shemia Fagan announced her resignation Tuesday, May 2 after reports of a private consulting job with a company under audit by the state