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Transportation May 18 7:38 AM

Traffic Cops are Back—But Advocates Still Want More Speed Cameras

Portland Police are bringing back the traffic enforcement team, but advocates point to traffic light cameras as the best way to slow drivers and reduce racial bias in policing.

News Apr 27 8:04 AM

Gunshot Detection Companies Vie for Portland Contract and a Skeptical Public's Approval

ShotSpotter and EAGL, both finalists for gunfire detection pilot program, presented their technology during a community forum—and drew a significant number of questions and concern.

News Apr 21 12:03 AM

City Reaches Deal With Police Union Over Body Cameras

After more than a year-long stalemate, Portland Police will begin wearing cameras to record interactions.

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News Apr 11 7:35 PM

UPDATE: Son of Man Killed by Portland Police Calls for Increased Transparency

Robert Delgado was unhoused and in mental crisis when he was shot with an AR-15 in Lents Park. His son has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Cops Mar 21 10:00 AM

Auditor Finds Police Lack Data to Judge Effectiveness in Curbing Gun Violence

A follow-up report says the police bureau still has work to do to implement audit recommendations from 2018.

Cops Mar 3 10:00 AM

Portlanders Speak Out Against Gunshot Technology Pilot Program During Town Hall

It’s unclear how vocal opposition to the planned program will be weighed by city leaders.

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Cops Mar 1 8:00 AM

Federal Judge Questions Portland Police Union’s Demands Over Body Cameras

Union officals believe police should be able to review bodycam footage before filing use-of-force reports.

Cops Feb 17 12:53 PM

Portland Police and City in a Stalemate Over Body Camera Policy

Should the Portland police be allowed to review body camera footage before giving statements? The police union says yes.

Cops Feb 2 2:48 PM

Portland Police Bureau Reinstates Officer Who Leaked False Information About Former Commissioner Hardesty

State labor officials find that city officials didn’t prove Brian Hunzeker retaliated against Hardesty.

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News Jan 25 2:14 PM

Following Public Scrutiny, Mayor Wheeler Pivots to Competitive Process for Gunshot Detection Pilot Program

Pilot program will begin in March, pending City Council approval and public input.

News Jan 13 1:56 PM

Debate Over Police Presence in Portland Schools Heats Up as Leaders Discuss Gun Violence

School leaders say they are looking for a holistic safety approach as pressure grows to make a decision about School Resource Officers.

News Dec 9 2:17 PM

PPB Changes Policy On When It Releases Officers' Names After Shootings

The change comes months after the bureau stopped following the original policy.

Cops Nov 29 11:22 AM

City Agrees to End the Use of "Flash-Bang" Grenades in Settlement With Don't Shoot Portland

The settlement also includes a $250,001 payout to plaintiffs.

Cops Nov 23 4:45 PM

Police Identify Man Killed by Portland Officers Saturday Morning

It's still unclear why police decided to shoot Immanueal Jaquez Clark-Johnson, 30.