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News Mar 8 5:45 PM

Accused Normandale Gunman Pleads Guilty on All Charges

Benjamin Smith will be sentenced on April 18.

News Dec 8 11:00 AM

Black Portlanders File Civil Rights Lawsuit Against City and Legacy Emanuel Hospital Over 1970s Displacement

The plaintiffs allege the city and hospital conspired against their families due to the color of their skin.

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News Feb 14 4:00 AM

Did Prosecutors Go Too Far in Clearing a Cop in a 2014 Killing?

A New Audit of Police Shootings Says Yes

News Nov 8 4:00 AM

A Presentation on Portland’s Racial Biases Has Officials Flipping

They’ve Gotten a Recording Scrubbed from the Web, and Say It’s Inaccurate

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Counseling/Mental Health Jul 19 4:00 AM

Oregon’s Mental Hospital is Being Flooded with Criminal Defendants

It’s Incredibly Expensive, and Critics Say It’s Making Things Worse

News Jun 28 4:00 AM

Local Courts Have Been Improperly Shackling Inmates, a Ruling Finds

But Will Righting the Ship Lead to Huge Delays?

News Sep 7 4:00 AM

In Other News

A seized car and a telltale heart?

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News Jul 13 4:00 AM

Taking the LEAD

Cops and Prosecutors Are Embracing a Radical Idea: Not Filing Drug Possession Cases