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News Mar 14 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: That Old Dusty Trail

I'm Out! And I'll Miss You.

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Housing Feb 28 4:00 AM

In Other News

Sorel Is Staying Downtown and the City Might Get More Sweep Authority

Housing Feb 28 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: The Relo War Approaches

Landlords and Tenant Groups Are Gearing Up for Their Biggest Skirmish Yet.

Housing Feb 21 4:00 AM

In Texts to Business Lobby, Mayor's Office Pledged to Dramatically Increase Portland's No-Sit Sidewalks

"Whatever It Takes," Mayor Ted Wheeler Wrote Last Year, After Columbia Threatened to Pull Out of Downtown

Housing Feb 21 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: The Housing Bureau Goes Fishing

As Apartment Projects Slow, Can the City Convince Developers to Offer Cheap Units?

News Feb 14 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: Waffle House

After a Reversal, Has Mayor Ted Wheeler Made Up His Mind on Renter Relocation Fees?

Housing Feb 7 1:44 PM

As the City Increases Camp Cleanups, It Wants Permission to Sweep State Land, Too

A Bill Before the Oregon Legislative Assembly Could Make That Happen

News Feb 7 4:00 AM

Portland Cops Might Scrap Their New $12 Million Records System

RegJIN Was Supposed to Revolutionize Police Data. Instead, It Just Costs a Lot.

News Feb 7 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: Wheeler’s War Chest

After a Year in Office, the Mayor Is Already on a Fundraising Spree

News Jan 31 4:00 AM

Portland Has a Brand New Houseless Community

Advocates Say the Village of Hope is a Sanctuary, But the City’s Planning a Crackdown

Housing Jan 28 4:22 PM

A New Self-Managed Homeless Village Just Sprang Up in Northeast Portland

The "Village of Hope" Sits on City-Owned Land, and Is the First Such Community to Emerge Under Mayor Ted Wheeler

News Jan 24 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: An Unexpected I-5 Roadblock

The Latest Concern Over the Rose Quarter Highway Project? Schoolchildren.

Housing Jan 24 4:00 AM

Portland’s Small-Time Landlords Don’t Have to Follow Renter Protections

But as City Council Prepares to Reconsider, a New Study Suggests Thousands of Tenants Are at Risk

News Jan 10 3:49 PM

Former County Analyst Amanda Lamb is Now a Police Watchdog at the City

She Was Fired by the County For Sharing Racial Disparity Data

News Jan 10 4:00 AM

Northwest Portland Has Begun Denying Parking Permits to Some Apartment Residents

And Similar Policies Could Soon Spread to Other Areas

News Jan 4 11:32 AM

Portland's Unique Ban on New Fuel Terminals Isn't Unconstitutional, After All

But the City Still Needs to Do Work Before It Goes Into Place

News Jan 3 4:00 AM

The Best Tweets to @TedWheeler

This Mayor Doesn’t Transcribe Voicemails. You Found a Way to Be Heard Anyway

News Dec 27 4:00 AM

Remember the Top Stories of 2017 With Us

Then Put It Behind You Forever

News Dec 20 4:00 AM

A New Fee Meant to Spruce Up City Streets Has Property Owners Enraged

It’s Also Got City Officials Contemplating Bizarre Workarounds

News Dec 20 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: Scoff Medicine

Portland Probably Misspent Millions in Utility Funds. It’s Finally Paying Some Back.

News Dec 13 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: Crossing Columbia

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Office Has Been Quietly Looking to Expand Sidewalk Regulations for Months, an Aide Says

Housing Dec 6 4:00 AM

Portland Has Strict Standards For Outlawing Sidewalk Sitting—Unless Cops Ask

Now the recent decision to expand no-sit sidewalks has created a headache for Mayor Ted Wheeler

News Dec 6 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: Portland’s Future Decongestants

While Abetting ODOT’s Rose Quarter Plans, the City Just Took a Step Forward

Housing Nov 29 1:56 PM

The City Just Approved Its Largest Affordable Housing Project in 50 Years

But Not Without Concerns About High Costs and Homelessness

News Nov 29 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: Run the Block

High-Profile Complaints Have the PBA Winning More No-Sit Sidewalks

News Nov 22 4:00 AM

In Other News

Budget Cuts Amid Surging Tax Revenues? Homelessness Officials Prep for Winter.

Housing Nov 15 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: The Earthquake Exemption

Should Building Owners Be Able to Duck Renter Relocation Payments While Performing Seismic Upgrades?

News Nov 15 4:00 AM

Uber’s Bitterest City Council Foes Finally Have the Votes for a Crackdown

And They’re Completely Comfortable with Kicking the Company Out of Portland

News Nov 8 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: Investigate Sam Adams

New Allegations Against the Former Mayor Need to Be Investigated—No Matter What

News Nov 1 4:00 AM

The City’s Fighting to Shield Union Members’ Names from a Right-Wing Group

But Just Two Months Ago, Officials Said They Were Public Records

News Oct 25 4:00 AM

Laundry Service and Restrooms Might Be Coming to Portland’s Homeless

As Ted Wheeler’s Frets About Spending, He’s Mulling Nearly $450,000 in New Cleanup Costs

News Sep 20 4:00 AM

The Arts Tax Is Broken

Now the City Might Tweak It Without Asking Voters

News Sep 13 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: Saltz’s Last Waltz

Facing a Stiff Challenge, Portland’s Longest Commissioner Is Hanging Up His Spurs

News Sep 6 4:00 AM

Oregon's $450 Million Plan to Widen I-5 Has Portlanders Preparing for War

But Can Activists Kill Another Highway Megaproject?

News Aug 23 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: Nick Fish’s Next Fight

Faced with a Cancer Diagnosis, the City Commissioner is Staying on the Job—And Mulling Next Steps