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Comedy Sep 8 3:04 PM

Win Prizes and Laugh Your Butt Off with this Wednesday's Edition of "TWO EVILS"!

The live game show where the audience plays along on their phones!

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Comedy Aug 29 12:54 PM

Here's "Portland's Funniest Person" for 2023

Self-described "Gen Z piece of shit" Cameron Peloso won Helium's annual stand-up comedy contest.

Comedy Aug 16 4:03 PM

Prepare for Lindy West's Every Castle, Ranked Portland Tour Date

What has she been doing? Adult braces! Throuple! And more in this informative, spoiler-free Q & A.

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Comedy Aug 5 9:30 AM

Next Saturday: Don't Miss the Hilarious Fun of "TWO EVILS with Arlo & Kate"! (Special Guest: Katie Nguyen!)

It's audience vs. comedian in a live game show with plenty of EEEEEVIL!

Theater & Performance Jul 10 2:00 PM

The Mercury's 48-Hour Drag-A-Thon Live Blog

Darcelle XV Showplace and Wildfang broke a Guinness World Record—here's what happened!

Comedy Jul 6 10:48 AM

TONIGHT! Don't Miss the Hilarious "Two Evils with Arlo & Kate"!

It's "audience vs. a special guest comedian" in a laugh-out-loud battle of good vs. evil!