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News Jan 19 3:38 PM

Portland Takes Rehab on the Road

Following in the footsteps of Maryland and California, Portland Fire & Rescue unveils mobile opioid use treatment program administered by paramedics.

News Sep 27 8:35 AM

New Research Finds No Link Between Measure 110 and Overdose Deaths

Research emerges amid heightened public scrutiny and new efforts to recriminalize hard drugs in Oregon

News Sep 8 1:21 PM

The First Portland Area Detox Center Funded By Measure 110 Will Open Soon

It’s the first drug withdrawal center in the Portland metro region to focus on fentanyl addiction, and proof that Measure 110 efforts are paying off

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Health Mar 23 10:27 AM

Oregon Lawmakers Seek to Expand Access to Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Healthcare Amid National Attacks

HB 2002 would protect Oregon providers from out-of-state persecution.

Coronavirus Mar 3 10:52 AM

Oregon to End Healthcare Mask Requirement April 3

The announcement comes as the US moves to end the COVID-19 emergency declaration.

Coronavirus Feb 23 11:30 AM

Oregon’s Possible Removal of COVID Precautions Prompts Mixed Reactions

Despite the continued spread of COVID, health officials say rolling back pandemic safety measures is necessary to preserve public trust in emergency situations.

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Coronavirus Feb 9 1:11 PM

Oregon Health Officials Optimistic about the Decline of COVID, Flu, and RSV

Despite the decline in respiratory illnesses, hospitals remain at or near capacity.

News Feb 1 1:00 PM

Tobacco Retailers Sue Multnomah County Over Ban on Flavored Products

While the future of Multnomah County’s ban is unclear, the lawsuit could be moot if the Oregon legislature passes a statewide flavored tobacco ban.

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Health Dec 6 3:20 PM

An Update on Viruses Currently Plaguing Portland

The latest on COVID, RSV, mpox, and the flu

News Oct 6 10:30 AM

Transgender and Nonbinary Portlanders are Often Misgendered by Death Certificates, Officials Find

Epidemiologists from the Portland metro region are calling for a change to national standards.

News Aug 11 2:35 PM

Health Officials Urge Awareness as Monkeypox Outbreak is Declared in Oregon

While most cases are currently amongst gay and bisexual men, “anyone who has skin is susceptible to this virus.”

News Jul 27 2:27 PM

Everything You Need to Know About Monkeypox—and Not Just You Gays

What It Is, How to Stop It, Where to Get Vaccines, and the ~Discourse~ on Preventing Stigma

News Jul 25 4:00 AM

How Oregon’s Radical Reproductive Health Laws Ignited an Anti-Abortion Campaign

Oregon's the only state without laws restricting abortion. Will a reinvigorated anti-abortion fight change that?

Health Jan 24 4:00 AM

How to Smell Better

(And Have Grade-A Personal Hygiene)

Health Jan 24 4:00 AM

How To Quit Facebook and Twitter

Come Join My Luddite Cult!

Books Jan 24 4:00 AM

Technology—Helping You to Help Yourself

Podcasts and More: The New Media of Personal Growth

News Jun 21 4:00 AM

Inmates’ Hospital Bills Are Costing Nearly $1 Million More than Expected This Year

And Things Could Grow Far Worse if Obamacare is Gutted

Health May 24 4:00 AM

Is That Skin Cancer, or Just a Bug?

The Helpful ABCDEs (and Less Helpful LMNOPs) of Checking Yourself Out