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Drugs May 6 11:43 AM

Measure 110 Was Short-Lived in Oregon, but Its Legacy Could Live on Elsewhere

Oregon has long been on the cutting edge of drug policy, but the latest effort fell victim to state-level stumbles and misinformation.

News Apr 19 2:23 PM

With Scant Evidence, City Commissioners Point to Fentanyl as Potential Contributor to Rise in Deadly Crashes

Transportation advocates say putting the blame on victims is a distraction from the real causes of traffic deaths.

Food and Drink Oct 28 2:00 PM

The Future of Coffee Looks Psychedelic ๐Ÿ„ โ˜•๏ธ

We tried a psilocybin-infused coffee co-created by Stumptown Coffee founder Duane Sorenson

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News Jul 13 4:00 AM

Taking the LEAD

Cops and Prosecutors Are Embracing a Radical Idea: Not Filing Drug Possession Cases

News Jun 29 4:00 AM

Should Portland Have a Safe Drug Injection Site?

As the Heroin Epidemic Grows Worse, People Are Finally Talking About It