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TBA Sep 10 2:07 PM

Four Hilarious Things That Happened at Takahiro Yamamoto's NOTHINGBEING

Consideration of pace and comfort on the Time Based Art Festival's second night.

Theater & Performance May 30 4:00 AM

Ballet Is for Closers

Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Closer Removes Audience and Dancer Boundaries

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Performance Dec 13 4:00 AM

Balanchine’s Nutcracker Will Never Be The Nutcracker Of My Childhood

Come For the Amazing Choreography! Leave Because Dancing Candy Should Not Be This Racist!

Arts Dec 6 4:00 AM

Portland Is Burning

Local Ballroom Culture Is About Much More than Looking Fabulous

Arts Dec 6 4:00 AM

Ballroom Glossary

Courtesy of Your Friends at #PDXBALL

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Arts Oct 25 4:00 AM

Nous, On Va Danser Breaks Through the Boys’ Club of Dance

Portland Choreographer Nancy Ellis Takes on Aging and Gender

Arts Oct 18 4:00 AM

UPRISE Fuses Politics with Choreography

In an Uncertain World, Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater Keeps Moving Forward

Arts Aug 30 4:00 AM

WolfBird Dance Choreographs Feminism

Where to Wear What Hat Shows the Reach of Gender Roles

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Arts Aug 2 4:00 AM

Galaxy Dance Festival’s Experimental, International Vibe

Polaris Dance Theatre’s Annual Festival Makes the World of Dance Accessible

Sports Aug 2 4:00 AM

In Quad We Trust

Adult Skate Parties Get It Jukin’

Arts Jun 14 4:00 AM

Dance Magic Dance with The Goblin King

At Trip the Dark, Dance for People Who Don’t Watch Dance

Theater & Performance Jun 14 4:00 AM

Pride Waterfront Mainstage Schedule

All the Entertainment at the Pride Waterfront Fest

Theater & Performance Dec 16 4:00 PM

Dancing at the End of the World

11: Dance Co's Post-Apocalyptic Library

Theater & Performance Jul 8 4:20 PM

Net Positive

After Losing Their Studio Space, Conduit's DANCE+ Festival Lives

Arts Feb 25 4:20 PM

Out from Under

How Northwest Dance Project Survived Every Dance Company's Worst Nightmare

Theater & Performance May 21 4:00 PM

Love and Marriage

Slumming Angel Unpacks Coupling in the Abstract

Theater & Performance Apr 23 1:00 PM

FLOCK: A New Center for Dance

The Biennial Closes, and a Dance Center Opens

Theater & Performance May 29 4:00 AM

Geeks Gone Wild

Talking Burlesque with Sophie Maltese

Theater & Performance Oct 25 4:00 AM

Cirque du Bloody

BodyVox's Holiday Alter Ego: BloodyVox

Theater & Performance Jul 19 4:00 AM


Community, Collaboration, and Portland's Dance Renaissance

Dance Feb 29 11:28 AM

Gaiety and Tragedy in the Rhineland

Plus, OBT in 2012