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Music Aug 12 1:49 PM

Photo Essay: Pickathon 2022 in Pictures

The luminecent energy of this year's farmbound music festival cannot be captured—but we tried.

Pickathon Aug 11 2:08 PM

Our Favorite Moments of Pickathon 2022

GZA, Sampa the Great, copious quantities of UFOs, and much more!

Pickathon Aug 5 2:02 PM

Things Not to Miss at Pickathon 2022

Here are our live music picks and a few tips on what look for at this year's festival.

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Pickathon Aug 3 12:29 PM

Wellness at Pickathon 2022: Yoga, Sound Baths, DIY Aromatherapy, and More!

Why the music festival expanded its wellness programming for the first post-pandemic year back.

Music Jul 28 11:00 AM

Pickathon 2022 Is Getting a Remodel, New Stages, and a Nature-Inspired Layout

This year’s fest will take advantage of its gorgeous natural setting, and create “a new world” for festival goers to explore.

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Arts Aug 1 4:00 AM

Amy Miller On Her Third Year Curating Comedy for Pickathon

Pickathon’s NY/LA Comedy Lineup Adds a Portland Show for the Fans

Music Aug 1 4:00 AM

A Pickathon 2018 Bucket List

Here Are 20 Things to Do at the Festival's 20th Anniversary

Music Aug 1 4:00 AM

A Who's Who of Pickathon 2018

Here Are 12 Can’t-Miss Artists at This Year’s Festival