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Savage Love May 23 11:57 AM

Savage Love: How's That?!

"I like to pee on myself. Got a problem with that?"

Savage Love May 16 10:25 AM

Savage Love: Wash It Away

Is it possible to "un-sleep" with someone, and like Cher, "turn back time"?

Savage Love May 9 10:30 AM

Savage Love: Chick Lit

She's got erotic literature on the brain. And that's good... right? Or is it?

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Savage Love May 2 9:59 AM

Savage Love: Fake and Faker

He agreed to be a financial slave to his supposedly domineering wife... but Savage smells a RAT.

Savage Love Apr 25 11:00 AM

Savage Love: Questions

She complains about his BO following sex—but is there something else going on besides a sensitive snoot?

Savage Love Apr 18 9:57 AM

Savage Love: Shameful

Hubby's into diaper play; wifey is losing her shit. Can this mind be saved?

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Savage Love Apr 11 9:56 AM

Savage Love: Quickies

"Ruined" orgasms, lack of fuckability concerns, and lots more quicky sex queries!

Savage Love Apr 4 10:13 AM

Savage Love: Sister, Wife

"My wife's sister texted to say she has my wife's permission to sleep with me. Ummmm... WHAT."

Savage Love Mar 28 11:00 AM

Savage Love: Asked and Answered

A lesbian in a 10-year sexless marriage wants to re-spark the connection... but is this a "too little, too late" situation?

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Savage Love Mar 21 12:13 PM

Savage Love: Size Peace

She's ashamed of the way her body looks... is there any way to feel sexy again?

Savage Love Mar 14 10:28 AM

Coming Around

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: She was never able to have vaginal penetration orgasms before... but now? BLAMMO! What's up with that?

Savage Love Mar 7 12:00 PM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Abortion pills, escorts, and how to get laid at the gym!

Savage Love Feb 28 11:00 AM


In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: Hubby keeps sending love letters to his ex, despite wifey telling him to stop. Can this marriage be saved?

Savage Love Feb 21 10:00 AM

Pegged As Bi

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: She's okay with pegging his butt... but pegging his face, too? 

Savage Love Feb 14 12:00 PM

Kant Say No

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: A sugar daddy wants to give him his entire fortune. Should he take it?

Savage Love Feb 7 1:00 PM

Dom Vibes

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: She's into BDSM, hubby is definitely not. Can this relationship be saved?

Savage Love Jan 31 2:00 PM


Need your sex life fixed in a hurry? This edition of SAVAGE LOVE "Quickies" can help!

Savage Love Jan 24 10:05 AM

Case Disclosed

In this week's SAVAGE LOVE: "My BF has undetectable HIV. How much should we disclose to future play partners?"