Last Supper

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Food and Drink Aug 22 4:00 AM

OK Omens Portends Really Good Food and Even Better Wine

Order the Burger, a Bottle of Rosé, and a Fancy Blizzard, and Leave Super Happy

Food and Drink Aug 15 4:00 AM

Dog Days, Happy Hours

The Hottest New Happy Hours for the Hottest Time of Day

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Food and Drink Aug 8 4:00 AM

Super Deluxe is Portland’s Answer to In-N-Out

The Man Behind Little Big Burger Returns in a Bid for Burger Supremacy

Food and Drink Aug 1 4:00 AM

Bright Colors and Brighter Flavors at Casa Zoraya

Zoraya Zambrano Brings Upscale Peruvian Fare to Piedmont-Kenton Neighborhood

Food and Drink Jul 18 4:00 AM

Either/Or Is A Very Good Bar/Restaurant/Coffee Shop

Coffee Cocktails, Baller Breakfast Tacos and Espresso Flights On North Williams

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Food and Drink Jul 4 4:00 AM

The All Day Food Cart

Bloodbuzz and Breadbox Cement Prost! Marketplace's Spot on the Map

Food and Drink Jun 27 4:00 AM

A Definitive Guide to Portland’s Top Five Fresh Rolls

Found: a Handful of Near-Perfect Salad Rolls that Aren't too healthy.

Food and Drink Jun 20 4:00 AM

Paiku and Painted Saints Are Taking “Pie” Back

Two Spots that Are Fighting the Flaky Fight

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Food and Drink Jun 13 4:00 AM

Canard Brings Out the Kid In You

Choose Your Own Anytime-Adventure from Foie Gras, French Toast, Oysters and More

Food and Drink Jun 6 4:00 AM

Olympia Provisions Rebrands, Embraces Its Vibe

Meat Magicians of OP Wurst Prove They're More than Just Another Hot Doggery

Food and Drink May 30 4:00 AM

Dreaming of Dumplings

Great New Choices for Your Dumpling Fix

Liquor/Wine/Beer May 23 4:00 AM

Arden Wine Bar & Kitchen and the Interplay of Flavors

With a Four-Course Prix-fixe Menu, Arden Finds the Right Symbioses Between Food and Pairing

Food and Drink May 16 4:00 AM

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Cafés!

Four New Coffee Joints Worth Settling Into

Food and Drink May 9 4:00 AM

A Return to Italia

Three Longtime Italian Mainstays with New Chefs

Food and Drink Apr 25 4:00 AM

Bistro Agnes: Turning French Cuisine Up to 11

Greg and Gabi Denton's Approach Is What the Good People of Portland Crave

Food and Drink Apr 18 4:00 AM

Is Eating Activated Charcoal Safe?

It’s Super Trendy in Food Circles, and Gwyneth Thinks It’s a Good Idea, Soooo...

Food and Drink Apr 11 4:00 AM

BG’s Food Cartel Brings the Pod to Beaverton

A Few Uniquely Delicious Options That Are Worth the Trudge to the Burbs

Food and Drink Mar 28 4:00 AM

New Kid on the Block

Hem 23’s (Slightly) Upscale Vietnamese

Food and Drink Mar 21 4:00 AM

Nimblefish: An Almost Epic Sushi Experience

And the Best Tamago Nigiri I've Probably Ever Had

Food and Drink Mar 7 4:00 AM

Pot & Spicy Fulfills Your Hot Soup Dreams

Pick Your Own Skewers for this Fine Bowl of Sichuan Soup On the Cheap

Food and Drink Feb 21 4:00 AM

A Yes in Any Language

Oui! Wine Bar + Kitchen is Small and Speaks Loudly

Food and Drink Feb 21 4:00 AM

Badass in the Kitchen

Their Spaces May Be Small, But These Women Chefs Cook Big

Food and Drink Feb 14 4:00 AM

Good Dog

The Friendly Brunch at Little Griddle

Food and Drink Feb 7 4:00 AM

Roe Is Back, And It’s Still the City’s Undisputed Best Seafood

The Restaurant's New Location is Right Where You Want to Be

Food and Drink Jan 31 4:00 AM

Sammich, Stoopid Burger, and People’s Pig Bring the Mess to Kerns

Now It's the Finger-licking-est Neighborhood in Portland

Food and Drink Jan 24 4:00 AM

Stretch The Noodle Will Stretch Your Stomach, Not Your Budget

Eat A Dizzying Amount of Hand Stretched Noodles At This Downtown Cart

Food and Drink Jan 24 4:00 AM

The Hottest SoCal Soul Food Served From a Montavilla Cart

Trap Kitchen Caters to Hip-Hop Royalty in LA—And Now To Hungry Folks In The Numbers

Breakfast Brunch Jan 17 4:00 AM

The Return of the Full English Breakfast

On the Hunt For the Finest Full English Breakfast at Kingsland Kitchen (and Toffee Club).

Food and Drink Jan 10 4:00 AM

A Touch of Yucatan

Taqueria La Mestiza is Small, But Mighty

Food and Drink Dec 27 4:00 AM

The Merc Food Critic’s 2017 Favorites

New Restaurants This Pro Eats on Her Own Time and Dime

Food and Drink Dec 20 4:00 AM

Just the Kind of Creepy We Need Right Now

Creepy’s is Keeping Portland Weird, and Grounded.

Food and Drink Dec 13 4:00 AM

Can Font: A Challenge for the Memory

Sangria, Starters and Paellas Shine at NW Northrup's Spanish Spot

Food and Drink Dec 6 4:00 AM

Carlita’s Screaming Happy Hour Saves the Day

Northwest Portland's Got a New Tacos-and-Cocktails Spot

Food and Drink Nov 29 4:00 AM

The Mighty Peking Duck: The Best Holiday Bird

Six Places Serving Peking Duck That's Worth the Effort (And Money)

Food and Drink Nov 8 4:00 AM

Sushi One’s Generic Appearance Masks Impressive Sushi Hideaway

The Price Is Right at this Slightly Out-of-the-Way Gem

Food and Drink Nov 1 4:00 AM

After Six Decades, Chin’s Kitchen Is New Again

Portland is Hungry for Dongbei Cuisine

Food and Drink Oct 25 4:00 AM

Let’s Talk Over Rugelach: The Oregon Jewish Museum’s Lefty’s Cafe

To Share a Table and a Pastry Here Is to Share an Infectious Passion

Food and Drink Oct 18 4:00 AM

In a Crowded Market, La Leña Picks Up Steam

With a solid stable of casual and homey dishes, this Peruvian restaurant is worth several visits.

Food and Drink Oct 11 4:00 AM

Short Round Proves Its Mettle

Fish Sauce's Sister Bar Shines

Food and Drink Sep 13 4:00 AM

Alto Bajo and Lo Bar Live Up and Down to Their Names

Hits and Misses from the Hi-Lo Hotel's Restaurant and Bar

Food and Drink Sep 6 4:00 AM

Soul Food, Redefined

Salimatu Amabebe’s Nigerian Pop-Ups Are Spicing Up Portland’s Vegan Food Scene.

Food and Drink Aug 30 4:00 AM

Virtuous Pie: Fake (Cheese) News

Yes, Portland, There IS An Edible Gluten-Free Pizza

Food and Drink Aug 16 4:00 AM

Start Jerking Around at Jamaican Jerk

A Northeast Food Cart Serving Up Fresh, Distinctive, Authentic Jamaican Plates

Food and Drink Aug 16 4:00 AM

Want Some Sustenance with Your Caffeine?

Guilder and Proud Mary Serve More Than Just Coffee

Food and Drink Aug 2 4:00 AM

Jackrabbit Hops Over the Top

SF Celeb Chef Shows You Can Take Decadence Too Far

Food and Drink Jul 26 4:00 AM

Döner Kebab Forever

Spitz Specializes in the Turkish Granddaddy of Street Food

Food and Drink Jul 19 4:00 AM

There’s a Lot of Thai to Be Thankful For

Farmhouse Thai, Paadee’s Issan Nights, and Pok Pok NW

Liquor/Wine/Beer Jul 5 4:00 AM

Where Cultures Meet

Unraveling the Complexities and Delights of Fijian Food at the Big Elephant

Food and Drink Jun 28 4:00 AM

Rockin’ Aesthetics, Dude!

Holsteins’ and Rock and Roll Chili Pit’s Dueling Escapism

Food and Drink Jun 21 4:00 AM

Jo-Jos to Die For

Big’s Chicken: A Good Choice for a Last Supper

Food and Drink Jun 14 4:00 AM

Ray, Rain or Shine

Jenn Louis Proves Celebrity-Chef Status with New Israeli Restaurant

Food and Drink Jun 7 4:00 AM

Breaking the Mold

Chalino Gets Inventive with Mexican

Food and Drink May 31 4:00 AM

Dog Days

OP Wurst and the Sausage Scene

Food and Drink May 24 4:00 AM

Last Supper’s Last Supper

The Most Decadent Shit to Eat This Summer Since We’re All Going to Die Anyway

Food and Drink May 17 4:00 AM

Heart-able Pizza

Micah Camden's Casual Empire Colonizes the Pizza Game

Food and Drink May 10 4:00 AM

A Sushi Burrito for Everyone

You're Never Far from a Supersize Roll

Food and Drink May 3 4:00 AM

In the Sea-Weeds

No Bones Beach Club Pleases the Plant Eater, But Is That Enough?

Food and Drink Apr 26 4:00 AM

Dialing in Chinese

Danwei Canting is Off to a Decent (If Not Amazing) Start

Food and Drink Apr 19 4:00 AM

The Missing Piece

Wares Brings Stability and Seriousness to the Zipper

Heather Arndt Anderson Apr 5 4:00 AM

Joie de Vivre at Quaintrelle

Northwest Ingredients Shine on an Aggressively Seasonal Timeline

Food and Drink Mar 29 4:00 AM

A Town Deserving of Dumplings

Can XLB Provide Dumplings Worthy of Other West Coast Cities?

Food and Drink Mar 22 4:00 AM

Taking the Leap with Tiffin Asha

From a Food Cart Space to a Destination Place

Food and Drink Mar 8 4:00 AM

Wonder Women

Meet the Superheroines of Portland Food and Drink

Food and Drink Mar 1 4:00 AM

Biwa Is Dead, Long Live Biwa

Longtime SE Standby Is Now An Upscale Izakaya and Casual Cocktail Bar

Food and Drink Feb 22 4:00 AM

A Visit to Shawarma Square

A Single City Block in SW Portland Offers 10 Shawarma Food Carts

Food and Drink Feb 15 4:00 AM

A Former Duck Quarterback Walks Into A Bar

Joey Harrington’s Pearl Tavern Is Nearly A Touchdown

Food and Drink Feb 15 4:00 AM

Eat This!

El Phorrito

Food and Drink Feb 8 4:00 AM

East Coast Counter Service Finds a Home in Figlia Americana

Grand Avenue's New Eatery Has Quite the Smorgasbord

Food and Drink Feb 1 4:00 AM

More Illumination, Please

Lantern Is Good, But Not Quite Ready to Lead the Way

Food and Drink Jan 25 4:00 AM

Pan Pizza Isn’t Square

Any Pizza Is Personal If You Try Hard Enough

Food and Drink Jan 18 4:00 AM

Headwaters Is Bringing Haute Hotel Dining Back

Finicky Seas at Paley’s New Downtown Seafood-Forward Restaurant

Food and Drink Jan 11 4:00 AM

Tips and Tricks for Kim Jong’s Smokehouse

How to Make the Most of Your Bowl

Food and Drink Jan 4 4:00 AM

Delicious DĂ©cor

The Stories Behind Some of Portland’s Most Iconic Restaurant Interiors

Food and Drink Dec 28 4:00 AM

The Merc Food Critic’s Personal Favorites

Where This Pro Eats on Her Own Time and Dime

Food and Drink Dec 14 4:00 AM

Aim for Monday Nights at Deadshot

Holdfast’s Once-A-Week Bar Night Is Your Reason to Start the Week

Food and Drink Dec 7 4:00 AM

Afuri’s High Concept, High Dollar Izakaya

Swank, Ambitious Japanese Outpost Is A New Chapter In Portland Dining

Food and Drink Nov 30 4:00 AM

India by Way of Williams

Open Tandoor Brings Indian Food to Where It’s Sorely Needed

Food and Drink Nov 23 4:00 AM

Jacqueline Rises to the Top

A Seafood Joint That Hat Tips Wes Anderson? Why Not?

Food and Drink Nov 16 4:00 AM

Not Your Basic Rice Ball

Artisanal Spam And Soy-Spiked Grilled Snacks At Musubi

Food and Drink Nov 9 4:00 AM

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Tusk

Super-Anticipated “Middle Eastern” Launch Comes Proper, Especially at Brunch

Liquor/Wine/Beer Nov 2 4:00 AM

Give It Your Full Attention

Dame: All Natural Wine, Backed by a Thoughtful Kitchen

Food and Drink Oct 26 4:00 AM

Hello, Hungary

Langosh, Goulash And Schnitzel at Hungaricana

Food and Drink Oct 19 4:00 AM

Fashionably Forward

Is the Buzzy New Revelry Worth the Hype?

Food and Drink Oct 12 4:00 AM

Honky Tonk Blues

New SE Division Tacos Have Big Backing; Little Delivery

Food and Drink Oct 5 4:00 AM

Chungdam: Late Night Deep Korean Cuts

Cheesy Corn, K-Pop, Korean Fried Chicken and Silkworm Pupae on SE 82nd

Food and Drink Sep 21 4:00 AM

Rue La La

Satisfying Small Plates In Buckman

Food and Drink Sep 14 4:00 AM

Pastrami Zombie Will Invade Your Brain

You Will Obsess Over These Smoky Sandwiches

Food and Drink Sep 14 4:00 AM

Get Your Ass to Wild About Game

Nicky Farms’ Bash Is the Best Unknown Food Event of the Year

Food and Drink Sep 7 4:00 AM

Not Ready for Prime Time

Urdaneta Starts and Finishes Strong, But Is Weak in the Middle