Moving house and trying to declutter, lotta stuff too good to throw away. Posting for free on craigslist, facebook, nextdoor, reddit, rooster. Invariably someone says they want it, but when I reply to make arrangements THEY DON'T RESPOND. Or worse - they DO respond to ask if I'll drive across town to deliver a used wastebasket. Or if I have pictures of the lawnmower. Or wanting to know if I sanitized the vibrato after using it. It's free - take it or leave it!

You delivered my order from GoPuff yesterday 06/18/24. Flirted with me and now I can't get you off my mind. Very close to Cleveland High School. Please contact me. I wanna make out with you. 

Recycling is a scam, and Ridwell is nothing but a wishcycling propagandist selling doorstep flair to affluent soccer moms. They are actively hurting the environmental movement. Ridwell is the worst of recyclers because they force anything you send them into a recycling process, at great environmental expense. Metal and food waste are the only materials truly recycled – and paper can only be downcycled. Any other materials that currently exist in our recycling paradigm are more environmental burden than benefit. That's why Ridwell - and other "recyclers" charge for their service - the net negative effect of their recycling costs money, energy, and water. They need money to pay for processing undesirable materials whose raw extraction and manufacturing require less money/energy/water to make new materials. 40 years of delusional recycling education has led us to morally questionable businesses like Ridwell who deceive us that recycling is a way forward. Climate change is the biggest threat to the environment, but recycling is the biggest threat to environmental stewardship. Peer reviewed studies and evidence show that recycling has minimal, if any, positive impact against climate change. Every moment spent on recycling is a moment lost from saving the planet. Comprehensive recycling is four times less effective than a plant-based diet at mitigating per capita greenhouse gas emissions. A family that chooses to have one fewer child equals the same level of emissions reductions as 684 teenagers who adopt lifetime comprehensive recycling! Ridwell is a fraud selling an illusion of environmental stewardship under the guise of recycling. Their actions result in a net negative to the environment while their customers feel good about fulfilling their environmental duty. As such, people who participate in Ridwell and Ridwell-like programs are less inclined to take any meaningful action to mitigate real environmental problems in our community.

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Dr. Nathan Gies is an amazing professor who teaches Political Theory and classes such as Queer Theory from a lived experience. He teaches his classes with the idea that they are for everyone and that everyone can enter the conversation. He's an amazing community member for Portland. Lots of students love him. But we might be losing Dr. Gies who helped many of us have invigorating conversations about the issues that matter most to us. If you know Dr. Gies and want him to stay in Portland, tell PSU not to cut him from the Political Theory program. If you don't know him and you want to take a class with a cool professor that cares deeply about our world, speak up as well. Make Dr.Gies knows he is loved by Portland. Thank you!

Kids are human, have needs, and follow their parents/guardians where they go. Since they have little say (they sure say it) but not *the final say*, in where they go? Be kind to kids. Full stop. Adults, however, do indeed need to be present for their kids, and to meet those needs. In an airplane, your own oxygen mask goes on before attending to others. I get it. Still, if brewery time is a family value preventing the adults in charge from: correcting, instructing, or changing the environment for: children who are behaving in a manner inconsistent with reasonable expectations in that establishment? (A brewery is different from church, a grocery store, a library, etc.) Then it *is too* your job as stewards of your precious tiny humans to instruct your kids in how to meet those expectations, and when that does not work, to change the environment. Sometimes you have to go to McDonalds playplace or a city park with a picnic even if that isn’t your first choice of venue. That's part of the path you chose as parents. I am deeply dedicated to being part of the village for your kids. So, when I talk to them or you about appropriate public behavior in any given setting, where you've chosen not to? You're not just inviting me to do that job - you're demanding it. I go up and down like anyone else, so the job you get is what I have to give, not necessarily my 100% best - which, post-covid, I don't know that any of us have a lot right now. I'll do my best, I presume you are too, and if someone is a jerk - well, we're all jerks sometimes. That's why it's key to lead with kindness.

Listen, I get it. You don't feel comfortable around kids, and you don't want to be around them at a restaurant or brewery or whatever. But here's the thing; you're no prize either. I don't want to hear about your job or hobbies or smell your stank ass breath or whatever. But I need to deal with you. And you need to deal with me. And that kid is just another motherfucker we all have to deal with. No more no less. So just suck it up. You don't want to deal with kids, I don't want to deal with your middle class white person sense of entitlement, but we'll all just deal with it and move on.

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You look miserable. Your husband is deep in his phone screen. You half-heartedly interact with who I would guess is his mother. And she appears to be the only one sort of watching your kids, who both screech and stampede the brewery patio like banshees. Breweries are not a playpen for your kids. It seems that you have developed the skill of tuning them out, and I have no doubt that is helpful. But I worked 40 hours this week and I did not buy a $10 drink to watch you kids run wild- I came here to relax and unwind. Consider a babysitter next time. Maybe your mother in law would be willing to stay home with the kids. Imagine, it could be you and your husband, he in his phone, you looking off into the great beyond, praying to god that this is not your one and only precious life.

Hey dude it's me, your friend from work. or maybe I'm a friend of a friend. or maybe we hangout at the same bar. It doesn't matter how we know each other, the important thing is the message, not the messenger. And I have an important message for you. You gotta clip your fingernails once a week. Maybe you won't do it every week, but that's the goal. And I get it, you're keeping them clean. Maybe polished. Maybe not that clean, it doesn't matter. The point is, no women is ever going let you near the most sensitive areas of her body unless you clip those fingernails. And keep them clipped. Thank me later. Sincerely, I Anonymous.

Been isolating and very out of practice with social skills and basic bus etiquette among other things. Still learning that it's okay to take up physical space, and I started to panic on the full bus, and spiraled overthinking about inconveniencing people by needing to pass by. So if you're wondering what that was, sorry for making it weird. Hope you have a great rest of your week .

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Computer programs in a website can do a lot of useful tasks. They can take your email address for newsletters, send out newsletters, and communicate your name, debit card and information to your bank to take a monthly donation. It can publish online articles. It can list "advocacy", "programs", "partners" and "education". It can list "Contact Us" information, and can even link to it. Where it fails is when a live human being wants to stop the donations and calls the phone number and emails BOTH of the email addresses. The phone goes unanswered. For four months. The calls back remain nonexistent. For four months. The emails remain unanswered. For three months. The automaton collection of donation money from my account continues unabated. For three months. Even worldwide businesses, almost completely unstaffed ( which you know if you try to find a live human on Paypal, Amazon, Facebook, and web email domains), make it easy to close your account using their programs. This is not an advocacy "organization". This is not, by all evidence, even staffed. It is not, by all evidence, live human beings. It is a bot.

I want to weep over how Susheela Jayapal, an early advocate for a Gaza ceasefire, lost big this primary. She was outspent by Maxine Dexter’s campaign several times over, with funding tied predominantly to the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC (through anonymous spending with undisclosed donors), per reporting of the Intercept and the Mercury. Dexter told the Willamette Week on Election Day that she hasn’t compromised her values “for one second”—unbelievable! She also gave a “I-know-nothing” answer to WW that night, as to why she had such generous donations. AIPAC triumphantly posted the next day: “Being pro-Israel is good policy and good politics!” Of course, AIPAC didn’t want Pramila Jayapal’s sister to win, with Pramila a House leader on Gaza. The hateful, anonymous anti-Jayapal ads made her the scapegoat for failures of every branch of government on homelessness. Really?! To the contrary, the Scanner praised her work for the unhoused in its endorsement. Unfortunately, national progressive groups were too late and too little in their funding appeals for this candidate. After the Intercept revealed the AIPAC-Dexter connection on May 3rd, a pitch for Susheela went out to Bernie Sanders’ listserv and alerts came from the Progressive Democrats of America. Sadly too, at a Portland rally related to Gaza last Saturday, the speakers didn’t promote remembering to vote! Will there be grassroots pressure to push Dexter to throw off AIPAC’s embrace? Blumenauer and Sen. Merkley were the only members of Oregon’s delegation to vote against more funds to Israel this spring. Merkley had a more pro-Israel stance than his primary opponent (Steve Novick) back in 2008. What alchemy of confrontation and/or persuasion can we use to keep our next District 3 representative from funding further the Israeli war machine?

PSUSU dismantled? It must have been critiquing the university in a way that the university itself could no longer look the other way. Remember students, union strong, means you have power. That's why every day we're seeing more unions being formed in the workplace. It's strange that the PSU Student union went away during this unionizing moment in history. The PSU Student Union can be resuscitated, it just needs you and then the power of we to work together. Please students of PSU, ask each other about your union and let your voice be heard. Trust me, those who want to dismiss your wants and needs do not want the union members united again as it once was. This opinion and ask has been directed by me to the undergrads at PSU because it is you that do not have union representation that I'm aware of in 2024 and I find that disturbing.

Imagine a country with fifty states, each of which operates semi-autonomously, even concerning national issues, such as the election of the chief executive and members of the national legislature. Now imagine that each of these states is allowed to write laws that determine who may and may not vote, where they must live for those votes to actually matter in the outcome, and for whom they may and may not vote. Stop imagining. That place is called the United States of America. Just this week, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that South Carolina may keep a redistricting map that essentially eliminates any possibility that a predominantly black area could ever elect a black Representative to Congress. The Court found that the evidence of racial basis is circumstantial. Of course, racial bias would be unlawful and the map would need to be redrawn. Instead, the Court declared that the map merely reflected partisan bias, the intent of one party to increase its voting edge by altering how votes are distributed geographically. The illogic behind this ruling is staggering. First of all, there is no reason I can fathom to allow a nation’s regions, provinces, states, counties, and/or municipalities to determine the rules for elections that are national. Is such a country a country or just a loose confederation of independent states? Secondly, the Court acknowledges that the partisan argument coincides perfectly with the racial claim. In South Carolina, blacks overwhelmingly vote for Democrats and whites overwhelmingly vote for Republicans. Even if partisanship is the reason for redistricting, absurd in its own right, the (un)intended effect is to deny the minority race of its proportionate representation. In this case, partisanship equates perfectly with racism. The Court’s ruling is purely race-motivated semantics.

Here are some of the things I expect to happen within the next ten years. Any one of these could end life on planet Earth, or at least alter it for the worse to such a degree that survival might seem a curse. 1. Full-blown fascism arrives and becomes entrenched in the United States. On the international stage, traditional alliances collapse as nations realign. Nationally, democracy withers and dies, and civil rights are abridged or eliminated. Wars break out. 2. The immediate rise of fascism is thwarted and civil war ensues as segments of the population refuse to accept the election results and mindlessly rise to defend the defeated partisans. 3. The house of cards we call the economy collapses. The rich get richer and the rest of the people sink into feudal poverty, which causes internecine conflict. The naked greed and corrosive capitalism of the obscenely rich, politically powerful, immensely privileged rule. 4. Another pandemic sweeps the world and is confronted by the same idiocy as the last one. Tens of millions die needlessly. Supply chains are fractured beyond repair. Critical worker shortages sabotage agriculture. Society breaks down. 5. A third world war is launched, including the use of nuclear weapons. Potential triggers include Israel and Palestine, Russia and Ukraine, Taiwan and China, or anywhere in the Middle East. The earth is left scorched and shredded. And society collapses. 6. Climate change passes its tipping point, resulting in violent storms wracking the planet. There is coastal flooding and drought everywhere else. Severe protracted water and food shortages cause mass migrations, all of which create worldwide chaos. 7. A huge comet hits the Earth! Which shoe drops first? Does it really matter? Personally, I favor the comet. It’s fast, neat, and effective. Just ask the dinosaurs.

Regarding public universities.... What constitutes a public good? Is there a point where transparency of too much privatization of a public institution should be made known? Has the federal and the state officials failed in keeping public colleges even 50 percent public? Structural adjustments professors forced into precarious job settings, and programs disappearing while real estate becomes more attractive and administrators demanding efficiency and giving themselves high pay all suggest that what is public has become VERY Private. This frustration is not around the private colleges in existence. They don't offer a false narrative of being public. But has all public education become private while the public has been in slumber on this topic?