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Feature Mar 9 4:00 AM

The Portland Dive Bar Preservation Society

Thirteen of the City's Finest Places to Drink, or Just Plain Exist

Suzette Smith Mar 9 4:00 AM

My Father's Place Is (Almost) Always Open

Not Even Snow Can Stay This Bar from Its Appointed Round

Joe Streckert Mar 9 4:00 AM

The Ship Ahoy: Where Living Happens

A Neighborhood Place to Drink Away the Workday

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Feature Mar 9 4:00 AM

The (World Famous) Kenton Club: World Famous for a Reason

A History of Bikers, Raquel Welch, and Punk Rock

Mercury staff Mar 9 4:00 AM

Further Drinking: 75 More Places to Wet Your Whistle

The Portland Mercury's Favorite Places to Pop in for a Cold One

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Thomas Ross Mar 9 4:00 AM

Slim's: A 105-Year History and Some of Portland's Best Bar Food

Come in a Suit or Covered in Paint—the St. Johns Haunt Welcomes All

Santi Elijah Holley Mar 9 4:00 AM

Blue Diamond: A Sparkling Gem

Man, Those Cats Sure Like to Boogie

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Courtney Ferguson Mar 9 4:00 AM

Watertrough Saloon: Dusting off a Time Capsule

Edging Out of the 1970s at the SE Hawthorne Dive

Mark Lore Mar 9 4:00 AM

Checkered Flag: A Bar Where Everybody Knows Your Nameโ€”for Real

This 82nd Avenue Clubhouse Has Not a Single Yelp Review

Heather Arndt Anderson Mar 9 4:00 AM

The Trap: From Soft-Serve Ice Cream to Bloody Marys

Foster-Powell Bar Is Monument to Everything Right About a Dive Bar

Brian Yaeger Mar 9 4:00 AM

Reel M Inn: An Oasis in a Desert of Development

Fried Chicken, Jo-Jos, and an Escape from 2016 Portland

Aris Hunter Wales Mar 9 4:00 AM

Tavern on Denver: No Bullshit and the Coldest Beer in Town

Kenton Landmark Has Lifeblood of Neighborhood Running Through It

Robert Ham Mar 9 4:00 AM

Lariat Lounge: Comforting Simplicity, with a Side of Suspicion

Regulars Are Always Welcome. You? Not So Much.