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News May 24 12:48 PM

Proposed Ballot Measure to Repeal Police Oversight Board Can Now Start Gathering Signatures, Judge Says

Judge greenlights police union initiative to scrap and replace Portland’s independent oversight board—which was approved by voters—after striking down a previous PPA measure.

News Apr 17 12:45 PM

Portland Will Pay Nearly $1.6 Million for Independent Monitor to Oversee City's Compliance With DOJ Settlement

Mark P. Smith & Associates will take over monitoring of Portland Police Bureau’s adherence to federal directives. The team includes a former violence prevention leader for the city.

News Mar 28 10:37 AM

Within Three Years, Five Portland Officers Shot Eight People

Watchdogs, legal groups say repeated deadly force incidents are alarming. Portland Police Bureau says it’s a byproduct of high-risk job assignments.

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News Mar 20 12:21 PM

Portland Police Will Get Premium Pay for Joining New Crowd Control Team

Amid lingering criticisms and lawsuits stemming from the 2020 protests, the city approved a 6 percent pay bump for new public order team officers.

News Feb 23 4:28 PM

Proposed Ballot Measure Would Tank Portland’s New Police Accountability Board

A pro-cop attorney wants voters to throw out a police oversight measure approved in 2020, and return to the status quo.

News Nov 30 9:30 AM

A Decade After Federal Directives, Portland Police Will Start Using Body Cameras Full-Time

Axon lobbied city staff years before City Council approved a $10 million contract with the company

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News Nov 17 8:34 AM

City Council Watered Down Police Oversight Approved by Voters, Advisory Group Says

Members of Portland's Police Accountability Commission lambast city's proposed code revisions, which now call for police to help shape oversight board.

Police Oversight Nov 8 4:23 PM

City Council Approves Independent Monitor to Watch Over Cops

The monitor will determine if Portland Police remain compliant with the DOJ’s demands regarding the bureau’s excessive use of force.

News Nov 7 4:39 PM

DOJ Wants Independent Monitor to Watch Over Portland Police

The independent monitor would oversee practices and training for Portland Police following years of bureau missteps.

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News Sep 20 5:20 PM

Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell Will Step Down, as Mayor Announces Interim Chief

Lovell, who was appointed chief in 2020, said he never intended to serve as chief through retirement. He will move into a community engagement role at Portland Police Bureau.

News Apr 27 8:04 AM

Gunshot Detection Companies Vie for Portland Contract and a Skeptical Public's Approval

ShotSpotter and EAGL, both finalists for gunfire detection pilot program, presented their technology during a community forum—and drew a significant number of questions and concern.

Counseling/Mental Health Jan 17 4:00 AM

Thought Police

What’s Keeping Portland Cops from Helping People In Mental Health Crises?

News Feb 14 4:00 AM

Did Prosecutors Go Too Far in Clearing a Cop in a 2014 Killing?

A New Audit of Police Shootings Says Yes

Housing Feb 7 4:00 AM

In Other News

Quanice Hayes’ Family Plans to Sue. Landlord Loophole Will Close

News Aug 23 4:00 AM

Why the Larry O'Dea Shooting Still Matters

His Lies (and Lies by Omission) Linger as Portland Awaits a New Police Chief

News Aug 2 4:00 AM

Hall Monitor: Slap Yourselves, Portland

Proposed Police Oversight Changes Are Hugely Important. So Wake Up!

News Aug 2 4:00 AM

Officer Samson Ajir Killed a Man Who Had a Knife

Did Grand Jurors Looking into the Matter Really Need to Hear All About His Family?

News Aug 3 4:00 AM

Portland’s on the Verge of Major Police Oversight Reforms.

Some Worry It Will Make Things Worse

News Jul 20 4:00 AM

Portland’s Police Reforms Are Headed Toward a Big Shake Up

After All the Recent Trouble, That Might Be a Good Thing