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News Mar 1 6:20 PM

Multnomah County Commissioners Poised to Vote on Gaza Cease-Fire Resolution

The resolution, introduced by Commissioner Lori Stegmann, has been in the works for the last month. But pro-Palestine organizers are disappointed by what they see as a watered-down statement.

Politics Nov 10 2:18 PM

Portland Activists Stage Sit-In at Rep. Blumenauer’s Office In Hopes He'll Support a Cease-Fire in Gaza

Activists hope Blumenauer, a longtime progressive, will eventually be responsive to their demands.

News Oct 30 5:03 PM

"Free, Free Palestine": Portlanders Rally for Gazans, Ask Local Politicians to Support Cease-Fire

A rally on October 28 was the latest in a string of local protests supporting Palestine.

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Transportation May 22 4:45 PM

Transportation Justice Advocates Plan Rally Against TriMet Fare Hike

TriMet's board of directors is expected to approve a 30-cent fare increase on Wednesday. Opponents say it's the wrong way for the transit agency to fix its budget woes.

Cops Oct 25 11:09 AM

City Council Set to Approve $47,500 to Settle Police Abuse Case

Cushing is one of at least nine Portlanders whose civil cases against the city for officers' conduct at 2020 demonstrations has resulted in a settlement payout from the city.

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News Aug 12 10:00 AM

Q & A: An Expert on Right-Wing Extremism on the Outcome of Patriot Prayer Criminal Cases

"When punishment doesn’t happen it sends a green light to these groups that it's permissible."

News Aug 1 3:46 PM

Patriot Prayer Brawler Sentenced to Three Days in Jail

A judge has allowed Lewis to serve the three days in jail non-consecutively and at his convenience.

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News Jul 19 1:16 PM

Judge Acquits Patriot Prayer's Joey Gibson and Russell Shultz in Riot Case

The judge found both individuals' actions did not meet the state's definition of riot.

News Jul 18 6:06 PM

Attorneys Paint Right-Wing Activists As Nonviolent Bystanders in Day One of Patriot Prayer Riot Trial

Attorneys representing Patriot Prayer members challenge violent characterization of clients.

News May 23 4:00 AM

The Mounting Legal Fight Over How Portland Cops Manage Protests

As more protesters push back, will PPB change its ways?

Housing Dec 6 4:00 AM

Portland Has Strict Standards For Outlawing Sidewalk Sitting—Unless Cops Ask

Now the recent decision to expand no-sit sidewalks has created a headache for Mayor Ted Wheeler

News Sep 13 4:00 AM

Two States, One Chaotic Day

As Donald Trump Jr. Trolls Portland Antifa, a Confederate Flag-Adorned Truck Nearly Plows Through Them

History Jun 21 4:00 AM

"Burn the Town Down"

The Striking Similarities Between Portland's 1967 Race Riot and Our City's Current Relationship with People of Color

News Apr 26 4:00 AM

The Oregon Supreme Court Just Neutered a Controversial Police Tactic

Defense Attorneys and Civil Liberties Advocates Are Ecstatic

News Jan 25 4:00 AM

Police Blasted and Tear Gassed an Inauguration Day Protest

Now Demonstrators Are Crying Foul

News Nov 2 4:00 AM

Local Activists Call Out Disparate Treatment After Controversial Bundy Acquittal

“We Would Have Been Shot,” A Don’t Shoot Portland Organizer Says