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News Thu 12:20 PM

Activists Reignite the Battle for Oregon’s Old-Growth Timber

Using both the democratic process and a bit of civil disobedience, "forest protectors" rally to save ancient trees.

News Apr 29 12:30 PM

Portland Freight Train Derailment Spotlights Transportation and Environmental Risks

A Union Pacific freight train derailed on the east end of Portland's Steel Bridge Monday, halting traffic for several hours. Advocates say it could've been a lot worse.

Environment Apr 22 3:30 PM

Photo Essay: Portlanders Young and Old Celebrate Earth Day With Making Earth Cool

Under the pomp and ceremony of a costume parade on a beautiful spring day lay a deep reservoir of disquiet for what the future might hold.

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News Apr 4 3:55 PM

City of Portland to Form a Designated Climate Commission

The Sustainability and Climate Commission will be the missing half of the now-dissolved Planning and Sustainability Commission. Advocates hope it will be an influential voice for strong climate policy.

News Apr 3 7:45 AM

Portland is Updating its Tree Management Plan, Last Edited in 2004

The city is poised to update its Urban Forest Management Plan, modernizing it for a changing climate and funding landscape.

News Mar 26 5:35 PM

Portland Elections Office Finds Zenith Energy Violated City Lobbying Rules

Activists hope the findings will substantiate their concerns about Zenith's operations and promote further action against the oil transport company.

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News Mar 21 12:30 PM

Portland Preservationists Think the Future of New Housing is in Old Buildings

At a recent City Council meeting, members of Portland’s Historic Landmarks Commission asked elected officials to rethink the "new build" approach to housing production.

News Mar 6 8:00 AM

UPDATED: Loud, Polluting Leaf Blowers Are on Their Way Out of Portland

Portland City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to ban gas-powered leaf blowers starting in 2026.

News Feb 26 4:15 PM

Parkrose High School Students Speak Out Against Planned Freight Development

After years of neglect and environmental injustice, Northeast Portland teens want to turn the tide on plans for a diesel warehouse they say will pollute their school neighborhood

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News Feb 9 12:15 PM

Commissioner Rubio Faces Pushback for Proposal to Support Portland Street Response with Clean Energy Funds

Rubio has offered PSR a lifeline from the Portland Clean Energy Fund. Critics say Rubio is treating PCEF like a slush fund to boost her political aspirations.

News Jan 19 1:30 PM

Portland's Plan To Spur Housing Development by Relaxing Regulations Has Political Implications

The code change discussions underscored key differences amongst Portland City Council members— some of whom are competing for the mayoral seat this year.

Top Stories 2023 Dec 29 10:25 AM

The Biggest Portland Environmental News of 2023

Oil company lawsuits, asbestos rain, and Rubio disappoints activists: A lot happened in 2023's environmental news.

News Dec 15 4:30 PM

The Portland Clean Energy Fund Is Fast Becoming the City’s Fiscal Lifeline

New projections show PCEF will have access to about $1.2 billion over the next five years, giving fund leaders the opportunity to greatly expand its clean energy programming.

News Oct 5 4:47 PM

Portland Set to Begin Work on First-of-Its-Kind Climate Investment Plan Financed by Clean Energy Fund

Portland is poised to spend $750 million over the next five years on climate projects through the city's clean energy fund. The spending plan comes as another city bureau is in peril. 

News Sep 18 10:30 AM

Portland Youths Call for Local, State Climate Action at Annual Climate Strike

Hundreds of Portlanders gathered Friday, Sept. 15 to demand Gov. Tina Kotek declare a climate emergency and take action against Zenith Energy.

News Aug 31 11:03 AM

Missing the Forest and the Trees: How City Politics Are Getting in the Way of Portland’s Tree Canopy

Experts say trees play a key role in combating the effects of climate change, but Portland’s convoluted system has led to confusion and neglect.

News Jul 30 7:03 PM

With Revenue Windfall, Portland Clean Energy Fund Committee Approves Climate Investment Plan

Despite past hiccups, PCEF is now on track to dole out $750 million on carbon cutting projects through 2028.

News Jul 21 1:42 PM

Asbestos Found in Northeast Portland Fire Debris, Stoking Neighborhood Health Fears

A fire at a former Kmart building earlier this week spread toxic ash around the neighborhood. Nearby residents say it's another example of "repeated trauma" at the site.

News Jun 22 3:37 PM

Multnomah County to Sue Big Oil for Billions for Their Role In Deadly Heat Dome Event

Multnomah County Commissioners voted today to file a lawsuit against fossil fuel companies for their role in the climate crisis and deadly 2021 heat dome.

Environment Jun 9 8:50 AM

Climate Activists To Protest Zenith Oil Along the Willamette River

The demonstration is the latest effort to get the oil transport company's permits reversed at the local and state level.

Visual Art Apr 6 2:29 PM

Making Earth Cool: Partying to Save the Planet

On First Thursday, the art collective kicks off a two-month residency at Parallax Art Center.

News Jan 30 1:00 PM

Despite New Leadership, Portland Officials Decline to Reconsider Zenith Energy Deal

Climate activists will now turn their attention to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

News Oct 3 4:02 PM

Portland Approves Zenith Proposal for Renewable Fuels Operations

The proposal could lead to the end of Zenith’s ongoing legal battle with the city.

Environment Oct 3 11:54 AM

Zenith Seeks Compromise with Portland Amid Legal Challenge

The company will commit to renewable fuels operations if the city grants operational permits for the facility.

News Sep 15 1:48 PM

Commissioner Rubio Proposes an Overhaul to the Portland Clean Energy Fund

The proposal would allow for-profit and government agencies to be funded with PCEF grants.

News Aug 24 2:09 PM

Portland City Council Approves Emergency Plan to Respond to Climate Change

While the plan sets the city’s intention to respond to the climate crisis, critics argue that the plan is merely aspirational.

News Aug 2 12:30 PM

Know Your Neighbors

The city is turning to neighborhood emergency teams to fill in the gaps in the region's heat wave response.

News Jul 29 9:32 AM

North Portland Roofing Facility Agrees to Emissions Mitigation Plan After Historic DEQ Fine

The Malarkey Roofing facility released at least 10 tons of formaldehyde per year into the Kenton neighborhood for nearly a decade.

News Jul 20 5:34 PM

Portland City Council Approves $107 Million in Green Energy Grants—Here’s Where the Money is Going

The grants are the single largest climate investment in the city’s history.

News Jul 13 6:05 PM

City Council Considers $107 Million in Clean Energy Grants

The Portland Clean Energy Fund increased grant giving and added additional risk mitigation measures following scrutiny

Feature Aug 15 4:00 AM

Thank You for Not Breeding

Sure, the Voluntary Extinction Movement Doesn’t Want You to Have Babies—But There’s Much More to the Story

News Apr 18 4:00 AM

You Still Shouldn't Be Eating Willamette River Fish

Health Advisory Warns Against Consuming Toxic Fish

Food and Drink Mar 14 4:00 AM

The Last Straw

Why Local Bar Owners Are Getting Rid of Single-Use Plastic Straws