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Election 2022 Nov 8 7:00 PM

Welcome to the Mercury's 2022 General Election Night Live Blog!

Election night party gossip, the latest results, and lots and lots of the smartassery you love! ❤️

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Election 2022 Oct 27 1:20 PM

Oregon Judge Clears Rene Gonzalez of Historic Elections Fine

The case hinged on whether $250 per month is a fair market price for downtown office space.

News Oct 25 8:08 AM

Oregon is Poised to Pass the Strongest Gun Law in the US With Measure 114

Not all progressive supporters of gun control are sold on the proposal

Election 2022 Oct 17 1:15 PM

Tuesday, October 18, is the Last Day to Register to Vote

Voters are encouraged to make any changes to their voter information by October 18.