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Valentines 2024 Fri 10:32 AM

LAST CHANCE! Take the Mercury's 2024 SEX SURVEY!

It's anonymous, so tell us EVERYTHING! Deadline is TODAY, Friday Feb 23!

Valentines 2024 Feb 7 7:51 AM

Submit and Read Your FREE Mercury Valentines!

Did you get a reader valentine? Join the hundreds of others whose valentines are online at!

Valentines 2024 Feb 7 3:12 AM

Mission Impossible 8: ‘Til Death Do Us Part

No, seriously. How do people make long-term relationships work?

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Valentines 2024 Feb 7 3:11 AM

Corbin the Crabby Cupid's Valentimes Valentines!

Print, cut out, and send them to your friends. Or don't... we don't care.

Valentines 2024 Feb 7 3:06 AM

“It’s Over. Check, Please!”

Portland’s Best Restaurants and Bars for Kicking Your Lover to the Curb

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Valentines 2024 Feb 7 3:02 AM

I Find My Love Awake

How Paul McCartney's album Ram helped heal a broken heart.