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Valentines 2024 Feb 29 12:14 PM

The Mercury 2024 Sex Survey Results!

In which we find out HOW Portland does it, WHO they're doing it with, and WHAT items they're using while doing it!

Valentines 2024 Feb 23 10:32 AM

LAST CHANCE! Take the Mercury's 2024 SEX SURVEY!

It's anonymous, so tell us EVERYTHING! Deadline is TODAY, Friday Feb 23!

Valentines 2024 Feb 7 7:51 AM

Submit and Read Your FREE Mercury Valentines!

Did you get a reader valentine? Join the hundreds of others whose valentines are online at!

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Valentines 2024 Feb 7 3:12 AM

Mission Impossible 8: ‘Til Death Do Us Part

No, seriously. How do people make long-term relationships work?

Valentines 2024 Feb 7 3:11 AM

Corbin the Crabby Cupid's Valentimes Valentines!

Print, cut out, and send them to your friends. Or don't... we don't care.

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Valentines 2024 Feb 7 3:06 AM

“It’s Over. Check, Please!”

Portland’s Best Restaurants and Bars for Kicking Your Lover to the Curb

Valentines 2024 Feb 7 3:02 AM

I Find My Love Awake

How Paul McCartney's album Ram helped heal a broken heart.

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