Street View

A regular column on all things Portland transportation/city planning/urbanism/whatever writer Taylor Griggs feels like talking about.

Opinion May 3 4:00 PM

STREET VIEW: Paying for the Pavement

Portland's gas tax is a cheap price to pay for all the costs of driving a car.

Street View Apr 5 2:30 PM

STREET VIEW: Public Transit Safety Concerns Deserve a Thoughtful Response

We can’t just sweep violence under the rug. But a punitive approach to public safety isn’t the way, either.

Opinion Mar 22 4:15 PM

STREET VIEW: Soho House and Portland's Disappearing Public Spaces

The meaning of public space is being tarnished and sanitized for the rich.

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Street View Mar 8 11:50 AM

STREET VIEW: “The Bike Lanes That Drive Everybody Crazy”

Portland needs a more clear-eyed vision for transportation.