kalah allen

Christmas lights up still? Seriously? I cut some of you slack all through January because it's still holiday-ish and I don't want to seem like a Scrooge. I thought that by the end of February, surely they would be down. By the way, I'm not talking to the lazy people who leave them up year-round without turning them on to save the trouble next year—you I can relate to. But you motherfuckers who have your goddamned lights up and ON every night?! The trees are blooming. Take your fucking lights down. I don't care if you think you're being "ironic" or quirky, or following the whim of your spirit by creating a clever new lighting system around your house. It's inappropriate and stupid and I'm sick of it, and I am about to go door to door to let every last one of you know that it's way, way past the time to take the lights down. Santa ain't comin'.—Anonymous