Stylists, beware! Beware of the bitch that's going around Portland scamming you for free highlight services: So, she came into my salon claiming to be from out of town and needing an appointment. My gut reaction told me not to book it, however I decided to come in (on my day off) and spend four hours giving her exactly what she asked for. I should have known what was to come when she told me the last person that did her hair cut off half an inch too much and ruined her life. Are you fucking kidding me?? After she paid and tipped, I got a phone call two days later from her, "freaking out" about how she hated her hair and demanding her money back. I offered to fix FOR FREE whatever was making her unhappy. She never showed up for her appointment to fix it. Now I have a stalker, 'cause she's been blowing up my phone for the last two weeks. I talked to a few other stylists in town that fell for her scam and gave her money back. Nice try. Though, I'll be more than happy to give her money back if she gives me her hair back. I'll even shave it off for free.—Anonymous