What's a crazy night at work?

Saturday night we had, like, four bachelorette parties come in. That, plus all of our regular customers. That was crazy.

What's the best thing about working here?

I'd have to say entertaining people. I've seen the look on someone's face when you do something really cool

Whose your favorite stripper here besides you? Tarzan's my favorite.

He's no longer here.


He went on the Playgirl tour, that lucky Anyway, that's a really hard question. There's a lot of really good guys here. I guess, probably Lauren.

What does he look like?

He's kind of a really big guy, wears tank tops a lot.

He doesn't have balls embedded in his penis, does he?

Yeah, that's Lauren.

So do you drink for free all night, or usually not?

I don't drink. Sometimes I'll take a drink from customers, but usually I drink orange juice all night.

Why not?

Because I do tricks on the pole and on the bar and I don't really want to fall. That happened once, when I put too much lotion on my hands and slipped right off. It's embarassing! KATIE SHIMER

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