Every Wednesday, 10 pm, free

Santorini's Restaurant & Lounge,

101 SW Main, 417-1660

Here are directions to Santorini's Restaurant and Lounge: Go to SW 1st and Main. There is a little A-shaped sandwich board sitting outside that says its name, and you just follow the arrow around the back and go in one of the doors adjacent to the outdoor patio. It is diagonal from the World Trade Center. It is on the first floor of some weird office building. I am telling you this because the only explicable reason why Double-Barreled Soul, Chazz Madrigal and Jason Tinkey's weekly soul night, is not packed to the gills every time, is surely due to the fact that Santorini's seems mysterious and scary. But actually, it's welcoming and fun, with a weirdly bitchin' Greco-Roman atmosphere (pillars, urns, murals of gods). And rest assured that its proximity to those prisons called "office buildings" has not affected the enormous amount of fun Chazz and Tinks spout out every Wednesday night.

Playing a pretty equal mix of great '60s soul and '60s garage, all on vinyl and mostly 45s, the DBS fellows' express goal is to put the crowd in an "ass-shaking mood," according to Chazz Madrigal. "We just wanna see people dance and have fun. It's about having a good time, and not about trying to create a scene per se." And guess what? People do dance, even when there are only 10 folks in the whole place. Regulars include Madrigal's wicked cute little sister and her bug dance, and the infamous shake-a-tail-featherer Rob Kelley--but it's always a mixed bag of people who just want to move their behinds. How can they resist, with selections ranging from The Creation to Jackie Lee to Lee Dorsey, Brenda Holloway, Electric Prunes, even Lou Rawls, and the O'Jays? Sounds to me like an Erector Set ready to blow.

Oh, and there's something else: the bartenders are EXTREMELY H-O-T-T. They're older (maybe in their 40s) and Greek, perhaps, so they have these SEXY accents and this debonair attitude about them that somehow makes it okay that you are giving them six bucks on a drink. I personally slide them like a four-dollar tip every time I go, just for letting me look into their eyes. "You're not the first person to say that," Chazz dryly notes. JULIANNE SHEPHERD