The Iron Artist Sculpture Competition/Game Show Thurs Sept 5, 6-8 pm (competition), 8-11 pm (party)
Wacky Willy's 2374 NW Vaughn 525-9211

Wacky Willy's Surplus Store is nestled in between some weird printing shop and another weird printing shop (because all of the Northwest industrial district seems to be one weird printing shop). From the street, it looks like a big garage; inside, it's a pretty good place to buy a gynecologist's table, a circuit board, expired bulk pregnancy tests, ticker-tape graph paper, or Christmas paraphernalia. As you can imagine, it's staffed by a bunch of really cool, talented, down-to-earth but ambitious artists; as a result, Wacky Willy's plays host to some equally cool art shows. Future exhibitions include a book and zine show and something called "Rock Paper Scissors"; this month, though, they're going ballistic with a concept, bands, and a party to carry you gaily into the night.

The theme, executed in the driveway for one night only: IRON ARTIST, based on the famous Japanese television show, Iron Chef. Hosted by Journal of Ride Theory's Dan Howland, in this version, six teams of artists will receive the same materials and are given two hours to tap into their artistic craft and produce a brilliant sculpture.

Though the pressure is intense, the artists/contestants shall be driven on by the supportive masses and an actual gaggle of cheerleaders. When they are finished, the teams will be evaluated by celebrity judges--Darcelle, Thomas Lauderdale from Pink Martini, Nan Curtis of PNCA, and the Art Museum's Chief Curator, Bruce Guenther-- and crowned "Team Iron Artist," to go down in history as winning spontaneous sculptors.

After the game show, those who wish to enjoy fun will be treated to live rock and roll, courtesy of The Jolenes, The Stores, and The Charm Particles. And, in addition to being possibly the last live outdoor party you attend this summer, the whole thing is a benefit for that other staple of random art supplies galore: S.C.R.A.P. (School and Community Reuse Action Project). So it's an event that actually combines "fun" and "helping"! JULIANNE SHEPHERD