kalah allen

I've been without a car for longer than I care to admit, but the real punishment is having to ride the bus with you fat smelly slobs and your ugly screaming kids. Now that the weather is warming up, here's some friendly advice: CRACK A FUCKIN' WINDOW! If the air outside is 70 degrees, guess what—the inside of the bus is gonna be about 90!! For fuck's sake, open a window. Nothing lowers my opinion of the human race more than stepping onto a sweltering bus to discover there's NOT ONE OPEN WINDOW. Really, with dozens of losers getting on the bus, not ONE of you has the brainpower to open a window? When I get on there, I better see at least three open windows on each side—and if the driver gives you shit, tell him the AC doesn't work for SHIT and even if it did, it wouldn't be enough to ventilate the smell of 20 ripe homeless dudes. Crack that shit!—Anonymous