Destination Fun

The World Cup on a Screen Near You


no horse brass? they show the early soccer games all year, not just the world cup. Plus they have a huge breakfast for cheap, and the best beer selection of any place in town showing the matches.

There are tons more that I couldn't fit in the print version. People: Please add others you know of in the comments!
Costello's on Broadway-great international ambiance
Beaulahland on 28th(you owe me) Hope you like hipsters
Horsebrass-if you can tolerate limeys
You won't find me there watching people jog for two hours to end in a zero - zero tie, but the owners are friends and the food is awesome, even doing some breakfast for the football crazed wankers. For some bizarre reason they are all excited about this shit

Wassabi (note the two s spelling, cute huh?) pan-Asian cuisine 188th, off cornell.